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The three-legged Crown Dependency…

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The Latin motto of the Isle of Man is “Quocunque Jeceris Stabit", which translates as “Whichever way you throw it, it will stand”.  This actually refers to the shape of the island somewhat vaguely representing the “three legs” of Man.

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This motto would seem to be quite appropriate for Martins’ Isle of Man Branches themselves, given the number of times they have changed hands but remained in service over the years. Today there are branches still operating in Castletown, Douglas and Ramsey, although Douglas and Port Erin have both been moved to new premises.

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Our image shows staff standing

outside Castletown Branch in 1950.

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection


Mercantile B of Lanc Logo

The branches of the Manx Bank are acquired by the Mercantile Bank of Lancashire.



L&Y Logo

The Mercantile Bank of Lancashire is, in its turn, acquired by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank.


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The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank merges with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins, which, becomes simply Martins Bank from that point on.



Having spent around seventy years under these varied ownerships, Martins branches on the Isle of Man transfer to Barclays.

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Of the original Martins Bank Branches, only Castletown Market Square, and Ramsey Parliament Street are still open today. Douglas Branch was moved to new premises in the 1980s, and the rest were closed by early 2000.

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The issue of money…

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1895 Manx Bank £1 Note.jpg

£1 note issued by the Manx Bank around 1895

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1905 Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank £1 Note.jpg

£1 Note issued by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

between 1904 and 1928

1900 Mercantile Bank of Lancashire  £1 Note.jpg

£1 note issued by the Mercantile Bank of Lancashire around 1900

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1957 Martins Bank £1 Note Front.jpg

Martins Bank’s £1 note issue (this example from 1957) lasts until a change in Manx Law in 1961

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The Parade


Market Square


Victoria St


Main Road


Michael Street


Station Road


Parliament Street

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