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Manx Bank

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Martins Bank’s sub-Branch at Onchan, occupies a prime corner position on the main street.  The history of the Bank’s branches on the Isle of Man is told on our ISLE OF MAN page.  During the ownership of the six Manx Branches by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Onchan sub-Branch opens on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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By the time of the 1969 Merger of Martins and Barclays, Onchan is open full banking hours across the six day banking week. Currently we have no images of the staff who manned this sub-Branch, although it would be reasonable to assume that some of the staff from DOUGLAS will have served here. The Island staff definitely keep things in the family, and down the years we have seen more than one generation of both the Kermode and the Costain Families hard at work in the Isle of Man Branches…

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In Service: 1882 until February 1977

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1960 Onchan Exterior BGA Ref 30-2177

Image © Barclays Ref: 0030-2177

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Onchan is vacated by Barclays in 1977 for an altogether more modern building, but here, thanks to Andy Wint, who helps us with contemporary views of Martins’ Isle of Man Branches, we can see how the former Martins Branch looks today…

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Image © Barclays Ref: 0030-2177

Image © Martins Bank Archive Collections – Andy  Wint

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Index No and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-38-30 Onchan

Sub to 11-38-30 Douglas

Main Road Onchan  Isle of Man

76 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0930-1130

Douglas 21009

Counter Service Only

Mr J E Crowe MC Manager (Douglas)


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Douglas Isle of Man


12 January 1900

1 July 1904

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

February 1977

Opened by the Manx Bank as “Onchan & Crescent”

Mercantile Bank of Lancshire

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-26-75 Douglas 45 Victoria Street


Peel Isle of Man

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