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Bank of Liverpool and Martins

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Clubmoor Branch opens for business on the First of May 1924. It is built in a style that is very much favoured by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins – they tend go for corner locations, and combinations of brick and stone work that give an air of solidness and safety.  Similar shapes and/or designs can be found at Martins Bank’s Branches at  PRENTON, AINSDALE and CRAYFORD.  Clubmoor Branch is opened on May day 1924, and by the time of the merger with Barclays in 1969, it has also operated two sub-Branches and a mobile housing estate banking service.

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1960 s Liverpool Clubmoor exterior BGA Ref 30-1665.jpg

Image © Barclays Ref 0030/1665

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In our retirement features we will say goodbye to Mr W R Wareing, who by 1965 has been at Clubmoor for twenty-two years, but first we look back a little further than that -  During the Second World War, Clubmoor Branch is used for a very important purpose - the safekeeping of the Colours of the Fifth Battalion, the King’s (Liverpool) Regiment.  In 1946, in keeping with tradition, it is time for the ceremony of withdrawal to take place outside the branch…

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1946 03 MBM.jpgCeremonial withdrawal of Colours

from the Bank by the Fifth Battalion,

the King’s (Liverpool) Regiment…

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At Clubmoor branch on May 31st an event took place which, so far as our present information goes, was unique in the history of Martins Bank. On a late September afternoon in the dark days of 1939 the branch was asked to take into custody the colours of the fifth Battalion, the King's (Liverpool) Regiment, on the eve of the departure of the regiment to France. On May 31st, 1946, the colours were once again needed, this time to be carried in the Victory Parade.  As a rule it seems to be the custom to hang up the colours in a consecrated building, but with the threat of war in our midst it was held on this occasion that the strongroom of a bank might offer greater protection to these prized emblems. But when it came to arranging for their withdrawal it was found that according to King's Regu­lations a proper escort must be provided and that the colours must be handed back to the keeping of the battalion with full ceremonial.   Accordingly, a colour party was paraded with Captain D. Gibb, D.C.M., in charge, and it fell to the lot of Mr. F. A. Goodman, manager of our Clubmoor branch, to fill the role usually performed by the church. The custody receipt was discharged by Colonel Sir John B. McKaig, K.C.B., D.S.6. The colours were carried in the Victory Procession by Captain Gibb.

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1946 Branch Exterior (2) Withdrawal of the Colours Ceremony MBM-Au46P09

1946 Branch Exterior (1) Withdrawal of the Colours Ceremony MBM-Au46P08.jpg

Images originally reproduced in Martins Bank Magazine by courtesy of The Proprietors of the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo Ltd, © 1946


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1965 04 MBM.jpg1943 to 1965 Mr W R Wareing Pro Manager from 1956 MBM-Wi65P55.jpgIll health had kept Mr Wareing away from the office for several months prior to his retirement as Pro Manager of Clubmoor branch at the end of August, so a formal presentation at the Branch was not possible.  Instead, the Manager, Mr B I Hill called at his home to hand him on behalf of subscribers a portable radio which carried the good wishes of the staff and of many customers who will miss him after twenty-two years at the Branch.   A week earlier, Mr and Mrs Wareing had entertained the Clubmoor Staff to an enjoyable dinner party at their home.  after entering the Bank at Water street in 1923, Mr Wareing served at several Liverpool district Branches, moving to Clubmoor in 1943, and becoming Pro Manager there in 1956.

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1924 to 1932 Mr N A Milroy Manager MBM-Sp56P50.jpg

1929 to 1932 Mr C W Allan joined the bank here MBM-Su66P04.jpg

1940 to 1941 Mr DB Lucas joined the bank here MBM-Au64P03.jpg

1941 August to 1946 Alec R Ellis Acting Manager MBM-Sp48P30.jpg

1942 to 1944 Mr R S Thomas MBM-Au66P04.jpg

1943 to 1965 Mr W R Wareing Pro Manager from 1956 MBM-Wi65P55.jpg

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Mr N A Milroy


1924 to 1932

Mr C WAllan

Joined the Bank Here

1929 to 1932

Mr D B Lucas

Joined the Bank Here

1940 to 1941

Alec R Ellis

Acting Manager

Aug 1941 - 1946

Mr R S Thomas

On the Staff

1942 to 1944

Mr W R Wareing

On staff 1943 to 1965

Pro Manager 1956-65

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1944 to 1946 Mr J A Cole joined the bank here MBM-Wi66P03.jpg

1946 to 1949 Mr A J Corner MBM-Su65P07.jpg

1955 to 1960 Mr J Gribbin Manager MBM-Su67P60.jpg

1965 to 1966 Mr I R Brander pro Manager MBM-Wi65P05.jpg

1966 to 1969 Mr A J Huck pro Manager MBM-Su66P04.jpg

1969 Mr J M Hemson Pro Manager MBM-Sp69P08.jpg

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Mr J A Cole

Joined the Bank Here

1944 to 1946

Mr A J Corner

On the Staff

1946 to 1969

Mr J Gribbin


1955 to 1960

Mr I R Brander

Pro Manager

1965 to 1966

Mr A J Huck

Pro Manager

1966 to 1969

Mr J M Hemson

Pro Manager


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Index Number and District:






11-95-20 Liverpool Clubmoor

Full Branch

475 Queens Drive Liverpool L4 8TZ

55 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

051 722 1468/6790

Nightsafe Installed

Mr B I Hill Manager

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Sub Branches




1 May 1924

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

15 May 1998


Opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-50-73 Liverpool Clubmoor


Independent Financial Services

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