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Martins Bank 1928+

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image014Martins Bank already has a comprehensive coverage of Newcastle upon Tyne and its many suburbs, through the amalgamation of the North Eastern Bank with the Bank of Liverpool. The North Eastern District of the Bank is, in fact, the largest of all the Martins districts. It is worth remembering however, that centres of business change, and that quite often it is necessary for the Bank to adapt in order to remain competitive.  Thus a large branch is opened by Martins in 1934 at Clayton Street. Barclays already has its own Branch down the road at 40 Clayton Street West, so when the two banks merge in 1969, the Martins Branch is closed, and the business transferred.  For our feature we go back to 1967 and the retirement of Bill McDonald, Manager at Clayton Street since 1962…

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A party  at Newcastle Conservative Club for some fifty past and present colleagues marked the retirement at the end of November of Bill McDonald: his guests included Messrs W. Weatherill, R. P. Gordon and K. O. Wells.

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Mr Prest (Pro Manager) spoke of the high regard in which Mr McDonald was held by customers and staff at Clayton Street, and Mr Weatherill, presenting a cheque, paid warm tribute to his loyal service. In responding Mr Mc­Donald made special mention of his wife who was handed a bouquet by Miss E, Davinson. Mr McDonald's 43 years' service began at Hebburn and, apart from five years with H.M. Forces, was spent in the North Eastern District. He was appointed Manager at Redcar in 1951 and Manager at Clayton Street in 1962.

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1934 to 1962 Mr J F Carter Manager MBM-Sp62P53.jpg

1952 to 1964 Mr J L Allan Pro Manager from 1954  MBM-Sp64P54.jpg

1962 to 1967 Mr W McDonald Manager MBM-Sp67P54.jpg

1963 to 1967 Mr P L Prest pro Manager MBM-Sp64P06.jpg

1967 Mr RT Turnbull pro Manager MBM-Au67P03.jpg

1967 Mr V Young Manager MBM-Sp67P05.jpg

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Mr J F Carter


1934 to 1962

Mr J L Allan

On Staff 1952 to 1964

Pro Manager 1954 to 1964

Mr W MacDonald


1962 to 1967

Mr P L Prest

Pro Manager

1963 to 1967

Mr R T Turnbull

Pro Manager


Mr V Young


1967 onwards




Index Number and District:






11-86-20 Newcastle Upon Tyne Clayton Street

Full Branch

125 Clayton Street West Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 5EP

394 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Newcastle 22153/4

Nightsafe Installed

Mr V Young Manager

Sub Branches



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3 September 1934

12 December 1969


opened by Martins Bank Limited

Closed and business transferred to Barclays 40 Clayton St West

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