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Martins Bank 1928+

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Martins Bank opens this Branch at Telephone Buildings, West Street Sheffield on 22 December 1930, moving from the former Equitable Bank Branch at Leopold Street. Both the Equitable and the Halifax Commercial Banks have branches spread across this part of Yorkshire, and both Banks eventually end up as part of the modern day Martins Bank.  This wonderful image of the new Branch is shown here courtesy of Silver Link Publishing, whose series of nostalgia books charts the recent past in pictures.  You can find this image, and many more scenes of Sheffield trams in the book “A history of Sheffield trams since 1950” by G H E Twidale.  Our feature, which comes from Martins Bank Magazine is slightly different to the usual branch visits or retirement write-ups.  It concerns two men who in the Summer of 1967 are rewarded for catching a bank robber…

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1950 ish West Street Branch Exterior - Sheffield Trams Book 1995

Image © Silver Link Publishing Ltd

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1967 03 MBM.jpgHave a go' at Sheffield

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For chasing and catching a man who had grabbed a bundle of notes at Sheffield branch, two men were rewarded when on July 22 Mr P. M. Lister, Local Director and District General Manager, presented each with a cheque for £100 from the Committee of London Clearing Bankers. The incident occurred in June when a man of unkempt appearance sidled up alongside a lady who was paying in.  His action was seen by the two men, also at the counter, who caught him a hundred yards away and, with two members of the staff, escorted him back to the office where the police took over. Photographed after receiving their cheques are Mr A. Nadin (centre) with his wife and Mr R. A. B. Smith. In the group (from left) are Mr R. N. Weightman (Manager, Sheffield). Mr P. M. Lister, Mr Ramsay of Charrington United Breweries whose cash was involved, Detective Chief Inspector Shillitoe, Mr S. W. Morris (Deputy Chief Constable of Sheffield and Rotherham) and Mr McCraw (Presdent, Sheffield Institute of Bankers).


Images © Barclays Ref 0905/0025 and 0030/2617

1960 s Sheffield West Street Interior 3 BGA Ref 30-2617

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All Change…

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Equitable BankWhen the Halifax Equitable Bank premises at Leopold Street are no longer suitable for the rapidly expanding Martins Bank, it is time not only to move to newer, larger, grander premises, but also to let customers know about it!  In the days before television, and with no commercial radio within the British Isles, the main organ for advertising is the mighty press. Advertising in newspapers and magazines will be the only way that Martins can spread its message, and serious money is spent on campaigns that will become more and more sophisticated as the decades roll by. A gentleman’s agreement between Britain’s Banks keeps most of them away from television altogether until the early 1970s.  You can read more about this, and about how with one television advert Martins managed – in 1968 – to circumvent the rules, in our ADVERTISING section.

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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection

Advertisement re-mastered 2018

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1928 to 1932 Mr P Q K Sutcliffe MBM-Wi57P43

1939 to 1946 Mr J C Wood Pro Manager MBM-Au56P49

1939 to 1948 Mr A C Cantrell joined the bank here MBM-Wi67P05

1941 to 1943 Mr J A Hill MBM-Su67P04

1945 to 1964 Mr E D R Whittaker Manager MBMAu64P54.jpg

1946 to 1965 Mr A E Chappell Pro Manager MBM-Su65P51.jpg

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Mr P Q K Sutcliffe

On the Staff

1928 to 1932

Mr J C Wood

Pro Manager

1939 to 1946

Mr A C Cantrell

Joined the Bank Here

1939 to 1948

Mr J A Hill

On the Staff

1941 to 1943

Mr E D R Whittaker


1945 to 1964

Mr A E Chappel

Pro Manager

1946 to 1965

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1951 to 1961 Mr P Pallister joined the bank here MBM-Au65P02

1955 Miss Joan Scarles MBM-Au55P13.jpg

1955 Miss Maureen Smith MBM-Au55P13.jpg

1957 to 1958 Mr A J Morrell joined the bank here MBM-Sp69P10

1963 Miss M E Jones Cashier MBM-Wi63P42.jpg

1963 to 1965 Mr AF Cook MBM-Su65P05

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Mr P Pallister

Joined the Bank Here

1951 to 1961

Joan Scarles

On the Staff


Maureen Smith

On the Staff


Mr A J Morrell

Joined the Bank Here

1957 to 1958

Miss M E Jones



Mr A F Cook

On the Staff

1963 to 1965

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1964 Mr RN Weightman Manager MBM-Au64P04.jpg

1965 Mr C Shipley pro Manager MBM-Su65P06.jpg

1965 Mr EG Wilcock Chief Cashier MBM-Au65P42.jpg

1966 to 1968 Mr B Whiteley MBM-Au68P15

1968 Mr BG Pearse Manager MBM-Au68P06.jpg

1968 Mr R Wood pro Manager MBM-Au68P07

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Mr R N Weightman


1964 to 1968

Mr C Shipley

Pro Manager 1965

Asst Manager 1968

Mr E G Wilcock

First Cashier


Mr B Whiteley

On the Staff

1966 to 1968

Mr B G Pearse


1968 onwards

Mr R Wood

Pro Manager


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Index Number and District:






11-73-70 Sheffield

Full Branch

Telephone Building West Street Sheffield S1 1YN Yorkshire

623 Leeds

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Sheffield 24285/6

Nightsafe Installed

Mr B G Pearse Manager

Sub Branches




22 December 1930

15 December 1969

4 November 1988

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-77-05 Sheffield West Street


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