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The 1960s

Since the creation of the modern-day Martins Bank in 1928, the Bank has gone to extremes to put its message out to all and sundry.  As the largest of the “small six” banks, Martins regularly looks like one of the “big five” with a seemingly endless spend on the latest advertising in each of the five decades, 1920s to 1960s. With much of banking still seen as stuffy and elitist even in the 1960s, Martins goes a long way to showing the public that it is every bit as up to date as they are, and although held back by a “gentlemen’s agreement” that forbids an individual bank advertising on TV, Martins manages in 1968 to secure a 30 second TV ad that bends this rule just enough to prevent it from being broken.  The Advertising section of the online archive is one of the most popular, and because we regularly receive new examples of Martins advertising, the pages are modified frequently to reflect these new arrivals  Please keep checking here for the latest changes, and in the meantime, if you can help by donating scans or examples of Martins advertising, please let us know at the usual address: 


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