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Bank of Liverpool and Martins

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The Bank of Liverpool and Martins opens a branch at Field House Throckley in July 1922– one of fifteen new Branches and sub-Branches opened that year.

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   Extracts from the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Annual Report for 1923 – © Barclays


It is however closed down after only fourteen years in service, the decision being taken by Martins Bank in 1936.   More than thirty years later, Martins decides to open a sub-Branch in Throckley once more, this time choosing ALLENDALE HOUSE.  In both cases Throckley operates as a sub-Branch to Newburn, and the newer of the two opens across the full banking week.  Apart from opening and closing dates, we have very few details about Martins’ orignal sub branch at Throckley, so as ever we ask, that if you have any images or information to contribute, relating either to this or to any of the 970+ buildings used as Branches of Martins Bank, please do get in touch – at the usual address – 

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Index Number and District:






11-605 Throckley

Sub to 11-605 Newburn

Field House Throckley Newcastle upon Tyne 5

346 North Eastern

Not Known

Not Known

No Telephone

Counter Only

Mr D R Blades Clerk in Charge 1936

July 1922

3 January 1928

30 June 1936

Opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited


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