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Bank of Liverpool and Martins

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The Bank of Liverpool and Martins opens a sub branch to Hetton le Hole at Thornley in 1920, and so begins a forty years plus association with the local area until Thornley closes at the time of the Barclays merger.  It’s not only the newer 1960s branches that face the axe in 1969, some of the older established ones are considered to have reached the end of the line too. This office has been closed before, for the duration of the Second World War, when there were not enough staff to be able to man all of the small outposts of the Bank.   By the time of the merger with Barclays, Thornley is open for just three and a half hours each week. Simple economics tells us that this cannot be sustained.  It is of however sad, that another office representing the Bank in a small community, has to go.  The irony of the twenty-first century is that where once a village bank catered for the needs of businesses and private customers alike, “convenience stores” (and those words are always used cynically) allow us any number of cash machines in these places.  With many shops charging hefty withdrawal fees of up to 20%, it is doubtful that these services are “convenient” for anyone other than those that operate them…

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Index Number and District:






11-58-40 Thornley

Sub to 11-58-40 Hetton le Hole 

Hartlepool Street Thornley County Durham

334 North Eastern

Tue and Fri 1015-1200

No Saturday Service

Thornley 477

Counter Service Only

G W Hunter Manager


3 January 1928



12 December 1969

opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Closed for World War 2



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