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After the War is over…


It is well documented elsewhere on this site, that a large number of smaller branches are closed for the duration of the Second World War.  This is due to the men in service with the Bank being called up to fight, and whilst many branches are run by female staff, there are still not enough staff to keep every branch open.  So it is that the sub-Branch at Sale Moor, situated at the other end of Northenden Road to the main  Sale Branch, has to close its doors in 1939, and re-open them in 1946.  At this point the Clerk in Charge is Mr Harold Boothman who continues to man Sale Moor for twenty-one years until his retirement in 1967.  As usual, Martins Bank Magazine was there to mark the occasion with this short article:

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1967 02 MBM.jpgharold Boothman, Clerk-in-Charge at Sale Moor for 21 years, retired on March 31 after nearly 44 years' service all of which, apart from five years with H.M. Forces, had been spent in the Manchester District. On his last day in the Bank he was 1946 to 1967 Mr H Boothman Clerk in Charge MBM-Su67P56.jpgenter­tained to lunch at District Office by Mr Priestley: later a large number of friends and colleagues, including Mr A. N. Barratt, met at the branch for a farewell party.  

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Mr Arthur M. Jackson (Manager, Sale) thanked Mr Boothman for his loyal and faithful service and presented a cheque which is to be used to buy a 'Teasmaid' and some long-playing records. A bouquet was handed to Mrs Boothman and her husband also re­ceived good wishes and numerous gifts from customers, many of whom looked on him as a close friend.

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1946 to 1967 Mr H Boothman Clerk in Charge MBM-Su67P56.jpg

1967 Mr J L Gregory Clerk in Charge MBM-Su67P06.jpg

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Harold Boothman

Clerk in Charge

1946 to 1967

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Clerk in Charge

1967 onwards






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Mr J J Gregory pro Manager

Between 1922 and 1928

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