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Mercantile Bank of Lancashire

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The Mercantile Bank of Lancashire transfers its business on 1 July 1904 to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank.  Sale is one of thirty one branches across the North West and the Isle of Man to be merged.  The earliest detail we have for Sale as part of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank is from 1922, when the Manager of the branch is recorded as Mr W H Shaw.   Sale becomes part of Martins Bank in 1928. In 1959, in a very short feature entitled “The Page of Memory”, Martins Bank Magazine publishes this rarely seen image of the staff at Sale branch in 1938, and for those still in service, it provides us with their (current at 1959) roles in the Bank…

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030/2538


1938 Sale Branch Staff MBM-Wi59P41

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Sale Branch Staff 1938: Left to Right – A R Janion (Deceased), J A Coombes (Manager, Broadheath), G K Eaves (Manager, Newcastle City Office) J F Davenport (Former Manager, Sale) W E Taylor (Former Manager, Gatley) M Hollway (manager, Coventry) and A Greir (Assistant Manager, Manchester City Office).

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For our retirement feature, we look at the career of Mr C J Platts, who has managed Sale for seventeen years by the time he retires in May 1964.  His career has spanned an incredible forty-three year, and it all began in 1921 at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank…

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1947 to 1964 Mr C J Platts Manager MBM-Au64P59.jpg1964 03.jpgAfter forty-three years’ service, which began with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank in 1921, Mr Platts retired at the end of May.  Apart from three years in H M Forces the whole of his career was spent in the Manchester District and he received his appointment as Manager at Sale Branch in 1947.  Some of his early life was spent in Canada, and he worked for twelve months in the purchasing department of the Canadian Pacific Railway in Montreal.  To mark the occasion Mr Platts entertained about forty friends and former colleagues at the Woodcourt Hotel, Sale, on the eve of his retirement.  During the evening Miss Monica Flanagan presented Mrs Platts with a bouquet, and Mr H Boothman, Clerk in Charge at Sale Moor and life-long friend and working colleague presented Mr Platts, on behalf of the subscribers, a cheque which is being used to buy an easy chair.  Mr Boothman was speaking for all when he expressed thanks for the kindness and consideration Mr Platts had always shown to colleagues and customers.  Everyone, he concluded, wished Mr Platts and his wife a long and happy retirement.

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Then and Now.jpgNot quite then and NOW, Sale Branch is pictured here as Barclays in 1974. Sadly the imposing stonework has given way to some unimaginative concrete, the main door has been moved to the middle, and the lovely brick “porthole” features at either end of the building have been covered over.  Shame…

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Images © Barclays Ref 30/2538

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1936 approx Mr J W Harvey MBM-Wi62P04

1926 Mr G K Eaves joined the bank here MBM-Su62P30

1938 Mr J A Coombes Manager 1956 to 1969 MBM-Wi58P41

1936 to 1936 M Hollway joined the bank here MBM-Su68P12

1915 Mr W E Taylor joined the bank here MBM-Wi59P53

1939 to 1942 Mr R W Nuttall joined the bank here MBM-Sp67P04

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Mr J W Harvey

On the Staff


Mr G K Eaves

On the Staff


Mr J A Coombes

On the Staff


Mr M Hollway

On the Staff


Mr W E Taylor

On the Staff


Mr R W Nuttall

Joined the Bank Here

1939 to 1942

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1939 to 1947 Mr H Ingham Manager MBM-Au57P53

1947 to 1964 Mr C J Platts Manager MBM-Au64P59.jpg

1953 to 1954 Mr R Paulson  MBM-Au69P12.jpg

1964 Mr AM Jackson Manager MBM-Au64P04.jpg

1968 David Wood MBM-Wi68P14.jpg

BW Logo

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Mr H Ingham


1939 to 1947

Mr C J Platts


1947 to 1964

Mr R Paulson

Staff Member

1953 to 1954

Mr A M Jackson


1964 onwards

David Wood

Joined the Bank Here

September 1968


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Index Number and District:






11-47-70 Sale 

Full Branch

17 Northenden Road Sale Cheshire

778 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 873 3386/061 962 5555

Night Safe

A M Jackson Manager

Sub Branches

11-48-71 SALE MOOR

Pre 1904

1 July 1904

3 January 1928

15 December 1969


Opened by the Mercantile Bank of Lancashire

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-74-90 Sale