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Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

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x By the early 1920s, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank runs five cattle market agency Branches – at Liverpool (open Mondays) Salford (Tuesdays) Wakefield (Wednesdays), York (Thursdays), and Birkenhead (Daily).  They appoint Mr Thomas Brown as overall Manager of the five branches, with Mr John Currie as local Manager at Birkenhead Woodside Lairage, as this office is open each day.  This type of branch will grow in importance during the lifetime of the new Martins Bank, with many being opened at Auction Marts in the North of England, and Cattle Markets in the Midlands, Wales and the South.

Image © Barclays 1928


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Image © Kelly’s directory of Manchester 1929

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Under Barclays, many will survive to the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century.  The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank’s Agency at Salford Cattle Market is closed by the end of 1928, and merged into the business of the existing Bank of Liverpool and Martins Agency.

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11-525 Salford Cattle Market

Sub to Manchester City Office

Cross Lane Salford Lancashire


Open Tuesday

No Saturday Service

No Telephone

Counter Service only

Mr P J Wakeham

Pre 1922

15 May 1925

3 January 1928

By end of 1928

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Lease renewed

Martins Bank Limited

Closed an merged with existing sub-Branch

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