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1940 No 11 Soho Square - Mr Hume and mosoho CU -MBA.jpg

Image © 1940 Mr J Hume and The Museum of Soho –

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Banking in Bohemia…

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1940 No 11 Soho Square - Mr Hume and mosoho MONO -MBA.jpgColour Logo - True Colours 1959.jpgMartins Bank opens this handsome new Branch at no 11, Soho Square, in 1939. As a stand alone office, it operates under the initial Management of Mr T I Bond, who will later become the Chief Accountant of the Bank.  The telephone number in 1939 is listed as GERrard 4786, but changes the following year to GERrard 2066 and this becomes the permanent number for the branch.  This fabulous shot from the early 1940s really captures life in Soho Square, and the Branch still looks new and ready for action.  By 1964 the business of the Branch at 11 Soho Square is such that new and larger premises will have to be found.  Martins moves to 25 SOHO SQUARE, a modern building, used by the Ministry of Transport incorporating the Branch and two staff training rooms from where cashier and machinist courses are run for staff from London and the South East. 


Museum of Soho Logo.pngWe were delighted when Jon Barker, a visitor to Martins Bank Archive, contacted us having seen the above image of 11 Soho Square Branch on the excellent Museum of Soho site.  The Museum of Soho, takes pride in capturing the essence of life as it used to be lived  - the history and colourful times of the unofficial capital of Bohemian life in Britain is brought vividly to life through a wealth of nostalgic images.  We are grateful to the Museum, and to the owner of the picture, Mr J Hume for letting us have a copy of the photo for the Archive, and permission to display it within our online pages. 

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Image © Barclays Ref 30-2683

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1939 to 1939 Mr T I Bond Manager MBM-Wi56P05.jpg

1948 to 1952 Mr E C G Prentice Pro Manager MBM-Au67P55.jpg

1949 to 1951 Mr R N Ibbotson joined the bank here MBM-Sp69P10.jpg

1950 to 1965 Mr J R Brown Manager MBM-Au65P57.jpg

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Mr T I Bond


1939 to 1939

Mr E C G Prentice

Pro Manager

1948 to 1952

Mr R N Ibbotson

Joined the Bank Here

1949 to 1951

Mr J R Brown


1950 to 1964

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1953 Mr A B Stevens MBM-Wi53P28.jpg

1953 to 1955 Mr A V Hayes-Allen MBM-Su64P03.jpg

BW Logo

BW Logo

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Mr A B Stevens

On the Staff


Mr A V Hayes-Allan

On the Staff

1953 to 1955




Index Number and District:






11-99-70 London 11 Soho Square

Full Branch

11 Soho Square London W1

450 London

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

GERrard 4786 then 2066

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J R Brown Manager (1964)

20 April 1939


Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Closed and moved to 25 Soho Square