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1968 COA.jpgProving that it can perhaps tell its apples from its pears, and its artichokes from its elbows, one of Martins Bank’s final forays into the opening of brand new offices is this impressive looking sub-Branch at  Gateshead North East Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market, opened in 1968.  Good job it is a sub branch really, as printing a name as long as that on a cheque book may well have proved extremely difficult!  The style of this and nearby buildings, the font used for the signage of the other businesses, and the 1960s cars makes this look like one of the modelled sets from an episode of “Thunderbirds” You might expect to see Lady  Penelope’s Rolls Royce at any moments!

Although in Gateshead, this outlet is not actually a sub-Branch to Gateshead - it  comes under the wing of the Bank’s branch at Newcastle Gallowgate, and later Barclays Percy Street, until performing its last fruit and veg banking transaction on 7 April 2000.

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1968 Gateshead NE Wholesale Mkt Exterior BGA Ref 30-1051-3.jpg

Branch Images © Barclays Ref 30/1051

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Index Number and District:






11-91-30 Gateshead North East Wholesale Fruit and Veg Market

Sub to 11-91-30 Newcastle Gallowgate

North East Wholesale Fruit and Veg Market Gateshead County Durham

329 North Eastern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Newcastle 28247/8

Counter Service Only

W F Surtees OBE TD Manager

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15 December 1969

Friday 7 April 2000

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-59-86 Newcastle upon Tyne Percy Street