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Martins Bank 1928+

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“The Fylde”, as this area is known, has its fair share of Martins Bank Branches, covering at one time or another all coastal the places shown on the map between and including Fleetwood and Lytham.  Poulton le Fylde is the youngest of these offices, opening in 1967 as a self accounting sub branch to Blackpool.

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1968 Poulton le Fylde Map Geographia 4CB2

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1969 Poulton Le Fylde Exterior 1 BGA Ref 33-464.jpg

All Branch Images © 1969 Barclays Ref: 0033/0464

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Long after the end of compulsory National Service, Martins still believes in making its male staff “well-rounded” by selecting them for outward bound courses, a kind of character-building exercise in the great outdoors that many love, and many more fear.  In 1968 Poulton le Fylde staff member Peter Froggatt takes to the great outdoors…

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The Great Outdoors…

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1968 04 MBM.jpgPeter Froggatt of our Poulton-le-Fylde staff was lucky enough to be selected for an outward bound course.  He reflected that it develops one’s self reliance, and that he could look back on it with a certain amount of pride. An Outward Bound course presents young people with a chal­lenge; an opportunity to discover themselves through adventure.   The Outward Bound philosophy may be summed up as hardship giving an appreciation of the simpler things of life; revealing hidden capabilities and stimulating self-confidence by overcom­ing difficulties; and seeing the other fellow's point of view through working as a team.  Places at Outward Bound schools are at a premium and only six are allocated to the Bank each year. Selection is made by District Offices from our young men between 17 and 19½ whom it is felt will benefit from the course. Our candidates come mainly from urban backgrounds as, for them, the challenge of the out­door life is so much greater than for their country colleagues.

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1967 Mr E Pearce Clerk in Charge MBM-Au67P06.jpg

1968 Peter Froggatt MBM-Wi68P32.jpg

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Mr E Pearce

First Clerk in Charge


Peter Froggatt

Outward Bounder









Index Number and District:






11-88-60 Poulton Le Fylde

Self Accounting Sub Branch to 11-85-02 Blackpool Clifton Street

21 Queen's Square Poulton le Fylde Blackpool Lancashire

777 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Poulton-le-Fylde 4868


Mr E Pearce pro Manager

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31 July 1967

15 December 1969

24 May 2019

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-69-67 Poulton le Fylde

Closed permanently from 12 noon