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Flixton is a sub branch to Urmston, and comes to Martins Bank through the 1928 amalgamation of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins.  A plain but fuctional shop-front Branch, it survives the 1969 merger with Barclays, lasting until the Summer of 1976, when the doors close for the last time in this part of Urmston in what is now known as Greater Manchester. Not known for too many moments of self indulgence, our Archive Editor has made an exception in the case of Flixton to bring you some childhood memories which include eliciting bars of chocolate, living under the same roof as “Sue’s Gaywear” and walking past Martins Bank on the way to and from school…


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Jonathan at 8 Park Ave 1966 ish Close up“In 1968 we were spoilt for choice with Martins Branches – Sale,  Sale Moor,  Hale, Altrincham,  Timperley,  Bramhall,  Urmston, the list goes on, but Flixton was OUR local branch. My mother ran a ladies fashion shop (genuinely and quite innocently called “Sue’s Gaywear” in the days when the items on sale were nothing more daring than ordinary womens’ clothing and separates in bright and “gay” colours) at 302 Flixton Road.  The Bank was further along at No 438 - Flixton Road itself being a very, very, long introduction to Urmston.  I would walk past Martins twice a day on my way to and from school, and was often sent on shopping errands to a nearby grocers. Every now and then I would try my luck with the Nestlé® Chocolate machine outside the newsagents – you were normally required to exchange a sixpence for a small bar of milk chocolate, but a few of us had learned how to catch the machine unawares by pressing the return coin button and pulling the drawer at the same time. 

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SixpenceI can’t remember how near to the bank this “theft” took place, and I wonder now if any of us were ever spotted by eagle eyed bank clerks who decided to keep quiet! Free chocolate was, shall we say “forthcoming” on more than one occasion.  Flixton was a happy place to be so young, but this was also a time in our social history when as boys and girls of six years old, we would be expected to purchase cigarettes for our parents.  I look back in horror now, at the thought that I regularly bought 20 Kensitas Tipped for my mother, and no-one batted an eyelid. Fortunately I was and still am repulsed by the smell of cigarettes, and did not go the way of many of my young friends into the world of nicotine addiction.  My pocket money of 3d (about £0.01¼) per day, was dutifully placed into a small money box on the mantelpiece ready to be used to buy presents for family birthdays.  Hmmmm, wait a minute, someone certainly saw ME coming…   I wonder how much I could have amassed instead, in a Martins Bank Account of my own…

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Index Number and District:






11-86-80 Flixton

Sub to 11-86-80 Urmston

438 Flixton Road Flixton Urmston Manchester

786 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 748 2952

Night Safe

Mr R B Blomeley Manager Urmston

Pre 1928

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

25 June 1976


Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-89-09 Urmston


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