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Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

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In the 1920s the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank operates FIVE cattle market agencies. These are located at Liverpool, Salford, York, Birkenhead and at Wakefield, and of them only York makes it to 1969 and the merger with Barclays.   Cattle Market branches are run in a distinctly different way to other branches, which often presents bank inspectors with nightmares such as the amounts of cash on the premises taking the branch over limit, and the sheer volume of physical and mental work involved in handling large volumes of notes and coin.  It will be noisy, smelly and dirty, three considerations not normally made in the genteel world of Branch Banking, even in the 1920s!

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Add to this the specific and complicated bargaining methods of traders such as Irish Drovers requiring payment in cash over the counter - without identification - and you’ll see the need for a Bank to select staff who possess a particular mental agility along with a good deal of stamina!  This aspect of cattle market banking is covered in greater detail on our YORK CATTLE MARKET Page.  When the Bank of Liverpool an dMartins and the Lancashire andYorkshire Bank amalgamate to create the modern day Martins Bank, they each have a Cattle market Agency at Wakefield.  Based on the information available from the Annual Report and Accounts, we believe that the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank’s Wakefield Agency is closed before the end of 1928.

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Index Number and District:






11-846 Wakefield Cattle Market

Sub to 11-846 Wakefield

Cattle Market Denby Dale Road Wakefield

625 Leeds

Open Wednesday (hours not recorded)

No Saturday Opening 

No Telephone

Counter Service only

Thomas Brown (1922)

Pre 1922

3 January 1928

By end 1928

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited


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