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Martins Bank 1928+

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In a sort of game of “musical Branches”, Martins Bank’s business in Plymouth actually has three homes.  The Bank opens up shop for the first time on 2 January 1939 in GEORGE STREET.  In 1951 it is forced by post-war demolition plans to move to temporary premises in WESTWELL STREET opposite the Guildhall, and finally in 1957 a Branch new Branch in Armada Way forms part of a new shopping development in the Cornwall Street area.

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Martins Bank Magazine visits Plymouth only once, in 1949, and you can read the article by clicking on the Plymouth George Street link above. 

In service: 1957 – 11 September 2009

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Branch Images © Barclays Ref 30-2292

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Here, thanks to an extensive series of images having been taken at the time, we can look at the development of Armada Way and the impact it has on this area of Plymouth during the building process.

The Site and construction work…

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Interior work on Martins Bank and part of the finished new shopping centre…

Another view of the finished Branch…

… and glimpses of the interior…

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1952 to 1960 Mr C H Bridges MBM-Sp65P05.jpg

1952 to 1967 Mr T Quayle Manager MBM-Su67P57.jpg

1953 to 1958 Mr I D Craig MBM-Wi64P08.jpg

1953 to 1959 Mr V A J Yate joined the bank here  MBM-Wi65P06.jpg

1959 to 1964  Mr R J Williams MBM-Sp67P06.jpg

1959 to 1966  Mr DL Horton Pro Manager MBM-Au66P06.jpg

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Mr C H Bridges

On the Staff

1957 to 1960

Mr T Quayle


1957 to 1967

Mr I D Craig

On the Staff

1957 to 1958

Mr V A J Yate

Joined the Bank Here

1957 to 1959

Mr R J Williams

On the Staff

1959 to 1964

Mr D L Horton

Pro Manager

1959 to 1966

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1966 Mr EA Dykes pro Manager MBM-Au66P03.jpg

1967 Mr JF Knowles Manager MBM-Su67P05.jpg

1968 Mr GFC Williams pro Manager MBM-Au68P06.jpg

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

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Mr E A Dykes

Pro Manager


Mr J F Knowles


1967 onwards

Mr G F C Williams

Pro Manager








Index Number and District:






11-82-60 Plymouth

Full Branch

50 Cornwall Street Plymouth Devon

174 South Western

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Plymouth 67288

Nightsafe Installed

J F Knowles Manager

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15 December 1969

11 September 2009

opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-68-02 Plymouth Cornwall Street


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