Martins Bank 1928+

After twelve years at 73 George Street, Martins Bank is forced out by the local authority’s post-war rebuilding plans which are to demolish the Prudential Building from which the Bank’s Branch operates!  Martins Bank Plymouth moves in 1951 to what is meant to be a temporary home in a Nissen Hut in Westwell Street, opposite the Guildhall.

In Service: 1951 until 1957

Plymouth Deadlock.jpg[TWO Plymouth Banks, at present occupying parts of the Prudential Building shortly to be demolished, will have to move from well equipped offices into Nissen Huts. These banks, Martins Bank and Plymouth and South Devon Savings Bank are faced with the problem of how to dispose of their heavy furniture, which cannot be installed in temporary huts. Martins Bank, told it must move into a Nissen Hut in Westwell Street by December 1, will send all its heavy furniture to the head office which will supply more suitable furnishings for the temporary premises, states the Manager, Mr F H Mathias.]  [Neither bank has any information about plans for new building.]


Image (26 May 1950) and abridged story (29 August 1950), Western Morning News

Image © Northcliffe Media Limited Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD

Image reproduced with kind permission of The British Newspaper Archive


However, just seven years later the Bank moves again, this time for the last time to brand-new, purpose-built premises in ARMADA WAY, (Cornwall Street).  The late 1950s sees a rapid expansion of the Bank in the South West and South Wales.  This is consolidated in 1960 with the opening of the new South Western District Office of the Bank, whose headquarters will be in Bristol, which makes a good deal of sense, as up to this point the South Western Branches have been under the control either of London or Midland District Offices. We don’t have an image of the Nissen Hut branch in Westwell Street, and if you can help with images or memories of this or any of Martins Bank 930+ Branch Buildings, please do get in touch with us at the usual address –

1947 to 1958 Mr A J Irving Ltd Auth from 1953 MBM-Sp66P07.jpg

1952 to 1960 Mr C H Bridges MBM-Sp65P05.jpg

1952 to 1967 Mr T Quayle Manager MBM-Su67P57.jpg

1953 to 1956 Mr RA Gerard joined the bank here MBM-Au66P07.jpg

1953 to 1958 Mr I D Craig MBM-Wi64P08.jpg

1953 to 1959 Mr V A J Yate joined the bank here  MBM-Wi65P06.jpg

Sep 1.jpg






Mr J A Irving

On the Staff 1951-57

Limited Auth 1953-57

Mr C H Bridges

On the Staff

1952 to 1957

Mr T Quayle


1952 to 1957

Mr R A Gerard

Joined the Bank Here

1953 to 1956

Mr I D Craig

On the Staff

1953 to 1957

Mr V A J Yate

Joined the Bank Here

1953 to 1957





Index Number and District:






11-82-60 Plymouth                                    

Full Branch

25 Westwell Street Plymouth Devon

--- Midland

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Plymouth 3034

Nightsafe Installed

Mr T Quayle Manager

Plymouth George Street



Opened by Martins Bank Limited as a Temporary Branch

Moved to permanent Premises at Armada Way



Sep 1.jpg