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Craven Bank

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Corner Spectacular!

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Those Craven Bankers certainly know how to make a show of things, distinctive main branches and ‘choclate box’ sub branches scattered throughout the area, and a tradition that has customers and staff referring to the district as Craven, long after the merger with Barclays. Padiham is a wonderfully appointed branch, sitting proudly, grandly and somewhat  precariously on a corner, at the top of a very steep hill. We first find written mention of the branch around 1880 when the decision has been made to incorporate the Craven Bank as the Craven Bank Limited, and at this time Padiham is one of two sub branches to Burnley, the other being at Nelson.  By the time that the Craven Bank amalgamates with the Bank of Liverpool in 1906 however, Padiham is listed as one of fourteen main branches in Craven country.  That is how things remain up to the merger with Barclays. For a brief time, 1926 to 1939, Padiham has its own sub-Branch, opened in the nearby village of Read by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins.  Read becomes a casualty of war in that whilst intended to close for the duration of World War II, it is not re-opened afterwards. 

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Into the twenty-first century, Padiham itself remained open, offering Barclays’ services to the local people from its still ostentatious vantage point in Burnley Road.  Built to last?  Well, sadly with more than one hundred and thirty years in the bag already, time was finally been called at Padiham, with permanent closure taking place on 23 June 2017. As banking shrinks to the internet and a small number of “pay-in” and “get-out” machines, the days of even larger branches are almost over. Special thanks to David Baxter for the image below left, from an early coloured postcard showing how Padiham Branch looked under the Craven Bank just before becoming part of the Bank of Liverpool in 1906.

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In Service: Before 1880 until Friday 23 June 2017

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Branch Images © Barclays Ref 0030-2218 and 0033-0400

1969 Padiham Exterior 1 BGA Ref 30-2218.jpg

1969 Padiham Exterior 2 BGa Ref 30-2218.jpg

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1900 s Padiham Exterior from old postcard DO Baxter.jpg 

1969 Padiham Exterior 1 BGA Ref 30-2218.jpg 

Branch Images © Barclays Ref 0030-2218 and 0033-0400

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1914 Mr H G Proger joined the bank here MBM-Su56P50.jpg

1925 Mr W C M Perkins joined the bank here MBM-Sp67P53.jpg

1939 to 1948 Mr C Law joined the bank here MBM-Su65P05.jpg

1948 to 1951 Mr R Westall Manager MBM-Su61P55.jpg

1950 to 1952 Mr F J Bates joined the bank here MBM-Wi68P07.jpg

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Mr H G Proger

Joined the Bank Here


Mr C S Boden

On the Staff


Mr W C M Perkins

Joined the Bank here


Mr C Law

Joined the Bank Here

1939 to 1948

Mr R Westall


1948 to 1951

Mr F J Bates

Joined the Bank Here

1950 to 1952






1969 Kathleen Wignall Staff Member MBM-Su67P46.jpg

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Kathleen Wignall

On the Staff








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11-71-60 Padiham                                                   

Full Branch

17 Burnley Road Padiham Burnley Lancashire

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Padiham 71736

Nightsafe Installed

Mr A Barrett Manager

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Oxford 140 High Street

Before 1880


23 March 1906

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

Friday 23 June 2017

Opened by Craven Bank

Craven Bank Limited

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-65-71 Padiham

Closed permanently from 12 noon