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Bank of Liverpool and Martins

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The Bank of Liverpool and Martins opens a sub-Branch to Padiham – in the nearby village of Read – in 1926.  A Banking service is offered here within the premises of the Simonstone Constitutional Club, for a total of thirteen years. According to local directory information, from the time, the branch is closed during the week, and opens for just two hours each Saturday.

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Extracts from the Annual Report of the Bank of Liverpool and Martins 1926 © Barclays

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PadihamA combination of factors, from economic conditions to a shortage of trained staff  means that a large number of smaller rural sub offices and “front room” branches become casualties of war in their own right: Whilst it is intended to close them for the duration of World War II, many branches are not re-opened afterwards.   Sadly the sub-Branch at Read joins this number, closing its doors for the final time in 1939.

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Index Number and District:






11-667 Read

Sub to 11-667 Padiham

Whalley Road Read Padiham Lancashire

112 Craven

Mon to Fri Closed

Saturday 0900-1100

Padiham 36

Counter Service Only

Frank Ernest Thornton Manager (Padiham 1926)


3 January 1928


opened by Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited