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Bank of Liverpool and Martins

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To quote Private Frazer from ‘Dad’s Army’: -  “ay, it’s a wild ‘n’ lonely place, y’understand…”  Shap is tucked away to the north of Westmorland, and until the early 1970s the A6 will be the only route to it AND through it.  Regularly cut off by snow, the summit of Shap itself is 1036 feet above sea level, and not somewhere you would want to be stranded. 

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Extract from Bank of Liverpool and Martins Annual Report 1920 © Barclays

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For more than twenty years Martins Bank’s sub-Branch at Shap is a lifeline for the local community . Until like many others, it is forced to close for the Second World War, and it has stayed like that ever since. The demands of the Kennet Committee on the staff of British business depletes many a workforce in the War, and whilst thousands of women step in and usually do a much better job than the men, sometimes there are simply not enough of them to go round. You can read more about Martins Bank’s army of women Bank Managers in our MARTINS AT WAR feature.  Shap’s opening hours for 1927 are provided for us here by Kelly’s Directory of Westmorland, courtesy of the University of Leicester Historical Directories Database. 

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We can see from the Kelly’s extract that even in the late 1920s, Penrith has a number of remote sub-Branches – of these, the office at Shap has faded into history and left us with little information to go on… If you have any memories or images of this or any of martins Bank’s 980+ Branch buildings, please do get in touch with us at the usual address: .

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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-672 Shap                                                               

Sub to  11-672 Penrith

Main Street Shap Westmorland

219 Northern

Fri 1200-1600

No Saturday Opening

No Telephone

Counter Service only

John G Holliday Manager Penrith (1928)

January 1920

3 January 1928

8 May 1942


Opened by Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited


Residential Property