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Bank of Liverpool

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The Bank of Liverpool has been in business for nearly sixty years when it opens a branch at 29 Allerton Road. This is certainly a good choice of location for a bank, as Woolton branch is still serving customers of Barclays today, more than one hundred and twenty-five years later.   Nostalgia doesn’t come much better than this lovely colour image from the 1960s (right). Apart from a cash machine, very little has changed in almost 60 years (below)…

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2016 Woolton from BB.COM - MBA

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1960 s Liverpool Woolton Exterior 2 Close up BGA Ref 30-1693.jpg

Image © Barclays Ref 0030/1693

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Woolton operates as a full branch of Martins right up to the merger with Barclays in 1969, and of the many managers at the helm, we have images of no fewer than SIX in our staff gallery below!  At the end of August 1967, one of them, Mr A Hallam retires after 43 years with Martins, the last ten as manager of Woolton Branch.  As always on these occasions, Martins Bank Magazine is on hand to tell the story…

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1967 04 MBM.jpg1957 to 1967 Mr A Hallam Manager MBM-Wi67P50.jpgon August 31 after 43 years' service, all except the war years spent in the Liverpool District, Mr Hallam retired as Manager of Woolton branch. Over fifty past and present colleagues gathered at the branch for a buffet party which, considering it was the end of the quarter and also the holiday season, was a tribute to his popularity.  It was particularly pleasing to welcome the complete Hallam family, including his eight-months-old granddaughter who, it was suggested, might swell the quota of new savings account holders. After Mrs Hallam had received a bouquet from Miss Jacqueline Hilton, Mr Buchanan presented a cheque, to be used to buy a watch, and a list of over sixty subscribers.  He referred most warmly to the excellent progress of the business during the ten years of Mr Hallam's stewardship and made special mention of the high esteeem of the staff, whose welfare had always been Mr Hallam's prime consideration. In his response Arthur Hallam reflected on pleasant memories of his Bank service and thanked Mr Buchanan for his kind words. He also expressed appreciation of the gift, paying tribute to the support he had always received from his staff.

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1913 to 1914 Mr E H Denman MBM-Sp49P05.jpg

1915 to 1919 Mr Leslie S Johnson Manager MBM-Sp46P34.jpg

1920 to 1925 Mr L F Ellis Manager MBM-Wi47P09.jpg

1934 to 1945 Mr E G Evans Manager MBM-Wi61P55.jpg

1941 to 1942 Mr D B Lucas MBM-Au64P03.jpg

1945 to 1957 Mr A C Sanderson Manager MBM-Au57P54.jpg

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Mr E H Denman

On the Staff

1913 to 1914

Mr Leslie S Johnson


1915 to 1919

Mr L F Ellis


1920 to 1925

Mr E G Evans


1934 to 1945

Mr D B Lucas

On the Staff

1941 to 1942

Mr A C Sanderson


1945 to 1957

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1952 to 1953 Mr C A Brockbank MBM-Su64P07.jpg

1954 to 1957 Mr K E Buxton MBM-Au66P04.jpg

1957 to 1967 Mr A Hallam Manager MBM-Wi67P50.jpg

1961 Miss P A Kimber Staff MBM-Sp61P35.jpg

1967 Mr GB Nickson Manager MBM-Wi67P03.jpg

1968 Mr TB Lawrence pro Manager MBM-Su68P13.jpg

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Mr C A Brockbank

On the Staff

1952 to 1953

Mr K E Buxton

On the Staff

1954 to 1957

Mr A Hallam


1957 to 1967

Miss P A Kimber

On the Staff


Mr G Burton-Nickson


1967 onwards

Mr T B Lawrence

Pro Manager


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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-65-90 Liverpool Woolton

Full Branch

29 Allerton Road Woolton Liverpool L25 7RD

49 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

GATacre 1034

Nightsafe Installed

Mr G Burton-Nickson Manager

2 July 1888

18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969


Opened by the Bank of Liverpool

The Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-51-05 Liverpool Woolton