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Martins Bank 1928+

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Warning –

A-Level Scouse required!

200 Scotland Road is opened by Martins Bank in 1937, replacing the original branch at 157 Scotland Road, which had been inherited in 1928 as one of only three Liverpool branches of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. The way of progress is, however, often blocked by obstacles, and in 1966 Scotland Road branch finds itself completely in the way of progress as the Mersey Tunnel Project sets sail across the City, demolishing some buildings and tunnelling underneath others.  So, Martins Bank dutifully accepts a compulsory purchase order, and is forced to make arrangements for the customers of the Branch to use another. The following succinct message (here, right) is then put on display at Scotland Road. The passing of Scotland Road does not go by entirely unmarked, however, and a curiously-named special correspondent “Bevington Bush” writes an article for Martins Bank Magazine in his native tongue – Scouse…

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In Service: 1937 until 31 October 1966 – Demolished 1968

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Scotland Road Closure Notice.jpg

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1966 04 MBM.jpgThe Passing of Scotland Road.jpg

shut it, dey 'ave. Jus' like dat! Wurl, dem wid de "ats on down dur in Water Street, I s'pose dey know wot's wot, but orlersame! Dur wuz 'istry in dat place. Reel 'istry. Durs been managers an' clurks an'  after de war dey  'ad judies an'  all.  An' a right bright lot dem judies wuz too! Always 'ad a smile dey did. Proper nice kids -"elpful y'know, not stuck-up like. An' de clurks - no creepin' from dem, just plain 'Doon orite eh?' and Ta' an' all dat. A good lot dey wuz. An de managers'd always givyera nod, friendly like. I bin goin' dur fer yeers frum de ol' North Market in de Cazzy. Many's de time I've 'umped a crate uv oranges up dur at Christmas and slapped it on der counter. 'Compliments of Mrs Clancy' I'd say, an' the manager e'd grin and say 'Ta!' like. An de udder customers, dey'd do der same and a right sort-out it use ter be wid de staff gettin' on der 33 tram to the Pier 'Had wid apples and de lot bouncing down de sturs. Now de Market's goin' and de pawnshops is gone.

Even Great "Omer Street's jazzed up wid all dem blocks uv flats and Corpy property. Wurl, times change, I s'pose. Burrit seems a pity. Dat Bank wuz clobbered a bit by Jerry burrit stood up. Yer! De "ole lot round wuz knocked flat but not de Bank. Nar! It's still der now, burrit's shut! An' its gonna be pulled down. Compulsry perchiss. De new tunnel road, y'know. Dat's progress. Still, as I wuz sayin" to me mates over a pint las' night in The Irish Fusilier, 'Tings change', I sez, 'De old order giveth way to wot's comin, but it's a reel pity de Bank's gone!' Givvus a bit of status it did. Never broke in, de lads didn't. Too much respec', y'know. Us in de Fusilier, we liked ter tink dem as worked dur weren't goin' to be part of George Brown's shake-out. So me an' annuvver fella we went along an’ ast an’ dere oreright. Dur's jobs for 'em all in spite of S.E.T. Makes us feel a lot 'appier dat does. Dey wuz a good lot,  judies an' all.

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Please note, that whilst we HAVE uncovered some staff images for Scotland Road, sadly (for now at least) “dare is NUN of dem Judies…”

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1932 to 1934 Mr A D Gollifer Manager MBM-Su58P25

1937 to 1940 Mr G M Davies joined the bank here MBM-Wi67P04.jpg

1941 to 1942 Mr D W S Wilson joined the bank here MBM-Sp65P07.jpg

1942 to 1942 Mr S Squirrell MBM-Su67P06.jpg

1947 to 1954 Mr F W Cowan Manager MBM-Su64P55.jpg

1950 to 1951 Mr F W Samuels joined the bank here MBM-Wi67P02.jpg

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Mr A D Gollifer


1932 to 1934

Mr G M Davies

Joined the Bank Here

1937 to 1940

Mr D W S Wilson

Joined the Bank Here

1941 to 1942

Mr S Squirrell

On the Staff

1942 to 1943

Mr F W Cowan


1947 to 1954

Mr W F Samuels

Joined the Bank Here

1950 to 1951

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1952 to 1954 Mr D G D Bosworth joined the bank here MBM-Su65P06.jpg

1957 to 1959 Mr J H Walker Manager MBM-Au69P56.jpg

1959 to 1965 Mr J D Home Manager MBM-Sp65P06.jpg

1960 to 1963 Mr A J Lonsdale joined the bank here MBM-Sp68P04.jpg

BW Logo

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Mr D G D Bosworth

Joined the Bank Here

1952 to 1954

Mr J H Walker


1957 to 1959

Mr J D Home


1959 to 1965

Mr A J Lonsdale

On the Staff

1960 to 1963

Mr L Eadie

Clerk in Charge

1965 until 31/10/1966



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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-54-70 Liverpool Scotland Road

Full Branch until 1965

200 Scotland Road Liverpool

--- Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

NORth 1980

Nightsafe installed

Mr L Eadie Clerk in Charge 1965

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Liverpool 157 Scotland Road


31 October 1966


Opened at 200 Scotland Road (moved from 157 Scotland Road)


Demolished as part of the Mersey Tunnel Project

Liverpool Sefton Park

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