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Martins Bank 1928+

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image026Martins Bank’s first Branch in Nottingham is MARKET STREET, which opens (much to the acclaim of the Architects’ Journal) in 1931.  Nine years later, and in the midst of the Second World War, the Bank’s second Nottingham Branch opens at Victoria Street.  This advertisement, courtesy of our friends at the British Newspaper Archive, announces the opening of the Branch in the Nottingham Evening Post.

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Branch Images © 1941 Nottingham Evening Post - special thanks to Rob Hancock

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The Manager of Victoria Street is Mr H R Stone, who has already been the Manager at Market Street Branch for five years.  In 1954 it is time for him to hang up his Bank Tie for the last time, and look forward to a long a happy retirement.  Martins Bank Magazine takes a look at his career, and the festivities surrounding his retirement in their Autumn 1954 issue…

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A long and distinguished career…

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1954 03 MBM.jpgMr. Stone, one of the best-known managers in the service, retired at the end of May after nearly 43 years in the Bank. He is, incident­ally, the first manager in the Midland District to retire since the establishment of the District as a separate entity. Mr. Stone commenced his career in 1912 and after serving at Head Office, Breck Road and Walton, and was called to the Colours in August 1914, serving with the Liverpool Scottish in company with many other Bank colleagues.

Image © Northcliffe Media Limited Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD

Image reproduced with kind permission of

The British Newspaper Archive

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He was wounded at Ypres in 1915 and later that year was commissioned in the South Lancashire Regiment in which he served until June 1919, being seriously wounded on the Somme in 1916. He resumed his banking career at Blundellsands and after a period of seven years at Head Office became Manager at Colwyn Bay in 1927.  He was appointed Manager at Market Street, Notting­ham, in 1935 and of Victoria Street, Notting­ham, in 1940. On the afternoon of May 31st, Mr. J. A. Naisbitt, Midland District General Manager, on behalf of many of Mr. Stone's old friends and colleagues, presented him with a leather suit-case and a hold-all as a token of their warm regard for him and referred to his long and distinguished service in the Bank. In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Stone entertained the members of the staff at Victoria Street and the Manager and Pro Manager at Market Street branch, to dinner. Mr. M. Hollway proposed Mr. Stone's health, and in reply, Mr. Stone gave an interesting description of the various stages of his career, and in the course of his speech drew various lessons which he thought might assist the younger men in their future days in the Bank. A bouquet of flowers was presented to Mrs. Stone. Mr. and Mrs. Stone are hoping to visit Athens, Palestine and Egypt next year, so that with travelling, gardening and some treasurership duties retirement prospects are indeed bright.

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A complete change…

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Whilst there are currently no images of Nottingham Victoria Street Branch, we can bring you this view of the building that now stands on the original site, another contemporary photograph from our friend Rob Hancock.  Rob explains a little more about the circumstances that lead Barclays to move away from, and then back to, this part of Nottingham:

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{“The present Barclays High Street Nottingham branch is now the ONLY branch in the city centre and stands on the site previously occupied by Martins Victoria Street. When I worked there, trolleybuses used to pass by here on the route from St Anns Well Road to Wilford Bridge. The Martins branch closed on amalgamation with Barclays, the business transferring to St Peters Gate, but it became necessary to re open the Victoria Street site as a “counter extension” to relieve pressure on St Peters Gate, eventually closing when the site was redeveloped as Barclays High Street.”}

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Image © 2013 Rob Hancock


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When we put our two images side by side, it is clear that whilst the Barclays building is modern, it does, thankfully, have a certain dignity to it…

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Images © 1941 Nottingham Evening Post

Image © 2013 Rob Hancock

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1940 to 1954 Mr H R Stone Manager MBM-Au54P47.jpg

1945 to 1946 Mr F Needham joined the bank here and 1959 to 1959 MBM-Au66P05.jpg

1946 to 1950 Mr D Feather Pro Manager MBM-Sp66P03.jpg

1947 to 1949 Mr W D Beardsley joined the bank here MBM-Su67P04.jpg

1950 to 1954 M Hollway Pro Manager MBM-Su68P12.jpg

1954 to 1956 Mr E R Carr Manager MBM-Sp67P51.jpg

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Mr H R Stone


1940 to 1954

Mr F Needham

Joined the Bank Here

1945 to 1946

Mr D Feather

Pro Manager

1946 to 1950

Mr W D Beardsley

Joined the Bank Here

1947 to 1949

Mr M Hollway

Pro Manager

1950 to 1954

Mr E R Carr


1954 to 1956

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1955 to 1959 Mr C A Bamford joined the bank here MBM-Su66P03.jpg

1956 to 1961 Mr RHB Whittam Manager MBM-Sp64P06.jpg

1955 to 1961 Mr T Jobling Manager MBM-Su60P39.jpg

1962 to 1967 Mr D B Woolgar pro Manager MBM-Su67P04.jpg

1967 to 1969 Mr K W Edwards pro Manager MBM-Su67P08.jpg

1969 Mr J Ratcliffe Pro Manager MBM-Su69P15.jpg

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Mr C A Bamford

Joined the Bank Here

1955 to 1959

Mr R B H Whittam


1956 to 1961

Mr T Jobling


1961 to 1969

Mr D B Woolgar

Pro Manager

1962 to 1967

K W Edwards

Pro Manager

1967 to 1969

Mr J Ratcliffe

Pro Manager

1969 onwards

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18 Branches

Trustee Department

Foreign Branch


1946 District Bank Logo from Cheque - MBAx1


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14 Branches

Trustee Department


2 Branches


19 Branches

Trustee Department

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15 Branches

Trustee Department



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20 Branches


3 Branches

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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-54-61 Nottingham Victoria Street                             

Full Branch

1 Victoria Street Nottingham NG1 2EY Nottinghamshire

558 Midland

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Nottingham 52046

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J Ratcliffe Manager

6 June 1940

12 December 1969




Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Closed and business transferred to Barclays St Peter’s Gate

Re-opened as a “counter extension”

Demolished, rebuilt and renamed 2 High Street