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Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

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Nova Scotia…

          … in BLACKBURN?

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Historically, the presence of Martins Bank in the Blackburn area is a large one, with branches open at one time or another at Darwen Street, Eanam, Mill Hill, Cherry Tree and Nova Scotia.  It is these last two suburbs of Blackburn which have proven a little difficult to research, but thanks to our friends at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council Community History Department, we have at least been able to piece together some of the statistical information about Martins’ sub-Branches there. Novas sub-Branch is mentioned only once in Martins Bank Magazine, in the Spring of 1951.  This is to commemorate the service of Mr W Wilby who retires at this point.  Novas is his first appointment, and he spends seven years in charge until further promotions take him to Blackburn, and eventually to the managership of Burnley. Like so many of the Bank’s tinier sub offices, Novas is closed in 1941 for the Second World War, and is not re-opened. If you can help with images and/or information about this or any of Martins 930+ other branch buildings, please do get in touch with us at the usual address

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1925 to 1932 Mr W Wilby Clerk in Charge MBM-Sp51P47.jpg

1930 to 1932 Mr A T Love Manager MBM-Sp50P13

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Mr W Wilby

Clerk in Charge

1925 to 1932

Mr Alfred T Love

Manager (Blackburn)

1933 to 1950





Index Number and District:





11-093 Blackburn Novas

Sub to 11-093 Blackburn                                               

173 Bolton Road Nova Scotia Blackburn Lancashire

710 Manchester

Not known

No Telephone

Counter Service Only

Mr A T Love Manager (Blackburn) 1933-1941

12 June 1924


3 January 1928


Conveyance to Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

opened as a sub-Branch

Martins Bank Limited

Closed for World War 2 and not re-opened