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Palatine Bank


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1920 Seymour Grove Listing in ARA - MBA

Extract from the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Annual Report and Accounts for 1920 © Barclays

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SP2            The Palatine Bank opens its Seymour Grove sub-Branch between 1904 and 1919, which along with its parent Branch at Brook’s Bar, is inherited by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins when it takes on the business and Branches of the Palatine Bank on 30 December 1919.  Situated at 244 Upper Chorlton Road, Seymour Grove Branch is listed as an office of the Bank of Liverpool and Martins in its Annual Report and Accounts from 1919 to 1922 when it is closed, the following remarks being noted in the Report of the Directors:

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On a modern map, Seymour Grove and Upper Chorlton Road are separate from each other, and it is not clear why the Branch is called “Seymour Grove”, when it is situated a good five minutes’ walk away from Seymour Grove itself.  We can find nothing to indicate the reason for the closure of this Branch, but we will assume that it was a matter of economy based on the usage of this sub-Branch – something we are all too aware of in the Twenty-First Century, as our bank branches disappear from our streets almost daily…

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11-532 Bank of Liverpool and Martins Manchester Seymour Grove

Sub to 11-532 Manchester Brooks’s Bar

244 Upper Chorlton Road Manchester 16


Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1200

No Telephone

Counter Service only

Mr J Wilkinson Manager (Brooks’s Bar 1922)

After 1904

30 December 1919


opened by the Palatine Bank

Bank of Liverpool and Martins