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Adelphi Bank

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sp2The Adelphi Bank has branches in both Manchester and Liverpool, and its Head Office is at 19 South John Street Liverpool.  In 1892 the bank has new premises built in Castle Street, and divides the work of Head Office between South John Street and the new branch.  The Adelphi Bank merges with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank in 1899, and comes to Martins in 1928.  This image of 19 South John Street shows the building in its days as one of the Liverpool Branches of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. 

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Sadly, this lovely building is completely destroyed by enemy action in May 1941. Anecdotal evidence tells us  all that remained was the safe, the reinforced roof of which could be seen standing a good two feet ABOVE ground level. It is hard to believe that this beautiful solid statement of security could be taken down in only minutes.  Sadly, but not surprisingly the decision is taken NOT to rebuild, and the accounts and staff are shared with other branches. You can read much more about Martins Bank at this time, including other Branches hit or destroyed by enemy action, by visiting our Martins at War sections.  Simply click on the leaflet shown above.

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Given the demise of South John Street so early in the history of the modern day Martins Bank, very few images remain of the branch, its staff and its stationery, but Martins Bank Archive is fortunate to hold a cheque book containing a number of unused cheques, which was issued for use in October 1940, and from which the images below are taken:


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Image © Martins Bank Archive Collection - W N Townson Bequest

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Extract from Martins Bank Limited Annual Report and Accounts for 1929 – © Barclays

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Images © Martins Bank Archive

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1964, Martins Bank Magazine unearths this photograph of the South John Street Football team, taken in 1933.  This is a stark reminder of the number of staff members who will have worked at this branch, and for whom alternative places of work had to be found after the destruction of 1941

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The South John Street

Branch Football Team 1933


Left to right- J Kitchen A Pope

W Elkes (Messenger}

L J Walton A Tunnington

E S Sexton F T Pritchard

J A C Monahan J Walton

O S J Goulburn W R Waning

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1941 Dec 22 Staff Bonus Award Letter to A R Corkill - Stephen Walker MBA.jpgThose Bankers’ Bonuses…

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Much is said in the Twenty-First Century about “bankers’ bonuses” - and most of it derogatory – we would do well to look at a time when such reqard was fully justified, and not over the top either in terms of amount, or reason. In December 1941, following the loss of much of Liverpool’s South John St – including Martins’ Branch to the Luftwaffe, the Bank rewards Mr A Corkill, a member of the staff with a bonus of £20. Under normal circumstances, the amount would be added to salary, but as Mr Corkill is serving in the armed forces, it can only be paid as a bonus.  Nevertheless, £20 at christmas 1941 must have been most welcome, and will have probably paid for as good a Christmas as was possible under the contraints of Wartime Britain.  According to the historic inflation calculator at, £20 in 1941 would be worth around £1100 today!  Our thanks to friend of the Archive, Stephen Walker, for this copy of the letter written to Mr Corkill, advising him of his bonus. Note that by December, the Branch notepaper has been altered to give the temporary address of Liverpool City Office Branch.  This will have remained in place until the sad decision was taken not to find alternative premises.

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1922 Mr B Bithell joined the bank here MBM-Su67P53

1923 to 1931 Mr A Tunnington Joined the service here MBM-Su47P18

1924 to 1934  Mr F M Winfield Accountant MBM-Au46P23

1927 to 1931 Mr R L Couper joined the bank here MBM-Wi65P03

1929 to 1932 Mr G H Grimshaw ProManager MBM-Sp47P32

1932 to 1936  Mr R H Price Accountant from 1934 MBM-Au47P10

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Mr B Bithell

Joined the Bank Here


Mr A Tunnington

Joined the Bank Here

1923 to 1931

Mr F M Winfield


1924 to 1934

Mr R L Couper

Joined the Bank Here

1927 to 1931

Mr G H Grimshaw

Pro Manager

1929 to 1932

Mr R H Price

Staff 1932 to 1934

Accountant 1934 to 1936

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1933 Mr L J Walton Staff Member MBM-Wi51P51

1933 Mr O S J Goulburn Staff Member MBM-Wi67P51

1934 to 1941 Mr H C S Whalley joined the bank here Assistant Manager from 1939 MBM-Wi61P05

1935 to 1938 Mr W R Gordon MBM-Wi60P49

1938 Mr R C Eastwood Assistant Manager MBM-Sp57P49

1940 approx to 1941 Mr S C Brayshaw MBM-Wi61P57

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Mr L J Walton

On the Staff


Mr O S J Golbourn

On the Staff


Mr H C S Whalley

Joined the Bank Here

1934 to 1941

Mr W R Gordon

On the Staff

1935 to 1938

Mr R C Eastwood

Assistant Manager


Mr S C Brayshaw

On the Staff

1940 to 1941

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1941 to 1944 Mr J R Whittle Assistant Manager MBM-Sp48P41

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

BW Logo

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Mr J R Whittle

Assistant Manager











Index Number and Disrtict:




Telegraphic Address:



11-468 Liverpool South John Street

Full Branch

19 South John Street Liverpool

--- Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Bank 4600



Mr R C Eastwood Assistant Manager (1938)


10 June 1899

3 January 1928

May 1941

opened by the Adelphi Bank as its Head Office

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Destroyed by Enemy Action

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