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In Service: 4 November 1935 until 30 October 1970

Extracts from Martins Bank Limited Annual Report and Accounts for 1935 – © Barclays

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We have searched in vain for photographic evidence of the Martins Bank branch at Heaton moor Top.  An image would be fabulous, but no-one seems to have one.  We can’t even ask someone to provide us with a contemporary photo, as the original building was replaced some years ago by a modern development. Your memories of working there or of being a customer there, would be great.  All that currently remains is evidence of the Branch at either end of its existence – the opening covered here in a 1935 uncredited news article held by Barclays, details of the branch in the Annual Report and Accounts for 1935 as shown above, and a final entry in Martins Green Book for 1968, providing address phone number and opening times. We also have the following short extract adapted from Martins Bank Magazine’s visit to the main branch at Heaton Chapel in 1951, wherein Heaton Moor Top is described as “somewhere you wouldn’t want to stay too long”… 

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Don’t stay there too long…

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1951 02 MBM.jpgThere are two sub-Branches to Heaton Chapel – at Heaton Mersey and at Moor Top. The latter is staffed by one man and a guard and the number of transactions handled is not large. It is purely a receiving office and it is quite easy to understand the desire of anyone in charge not to be left there too long.  F. Marshall, who commenced his service in 1940, has been at Moor Top since 1949, and has previously been at New Mills, Buxton and Stockport. During the war he served with the R.A.F. from 1942 to 1947, latterly in Germany.

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Index Number and District:






11-44-40 Heaton Moor Top

Sub to 11-44-40 HEATON CHAPEL

182 Heaton Moor Road Heaton Moor Stockport Cheshire

742 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1300 and 1330-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Heaton Moor 2322

Counter Service only

Mr C Knowles Manager (Heaton Chapel)

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Heaton Mersey

4 November 1935

25 July 1942


15 December 1969

30 October 1970

opened by Martins Bank Limited

Closed for World War 2


Barclays Bank Limited 20-38-86 Heaton Chapel


Hebburn (County Durham)

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