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Martins Bank’s Branch at Wigan comes from the merger of the Bank of Liverpol & Martins and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank in 1928.  Wigan is a busy main Branch with no sub Branches attached to it.  We were delighted when our friends at unearthed the wonderful image (below) of the Branch from the 1930s. Although the bus is obviously meant to be centre stage, this is the first example of an image that includes the Branch in its Martins days that we have come across. Wiganworld is well worth a visit, and it brings a huge amount of fascinating information about the town together in one great resource.

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1930 ish WiganExt Obscured by bus Courtesy Wiganworld


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We do still lack information about Wigan Branch itself, although there is a staff gallery below.  If you can help with memories of this Branch, please do get in touch with us at the usual address: .   Wigan makes it through the merger with Barclays who nowadays have a newer building at 6 Market Place, having closed our Branch in 1987.

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1928 to 1937 Mr F Hurst MBM-Au49P19.jpg

1936 to 1946 Mr P W Goostrey Manager MBM-Wi59P49.jpg

1945 to 1953 Mr W Beswick Manager MBM-Wi64P53.jpg

1948 to 1950 Mr J H Walker MBM-Su66P04.jpg

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Mr F Hurst

On the Staff

1928 to 1937

Mr P W Goostrey


1936 to 1946

Mr W Beswick


1946 to 1953

Mr J H Walker

On the Staff

1948 to 1950

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1956 to 1958 Mr L Ball joined the bank here MBM-Au67P08.jpg

1963 to 1968 Mr S M Dearden Manager MBM-Sp64P05.jpg

1968 Mr M Haigh Manager MBM-Au68P15.jpg

BW Logo

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Mr L Ball

Joined the Bank Here

1956 to 1958

Mr S M Dearden


1963 to 1968

Mr M Haigh


1968 onwards




Index Number and district:






11-41-90 Wigan

Full Branch

PO Box 30 9 Market Place Wigan Lancashire

793 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Wigan 43492

Nightsafe Installed

Mr M Haigh Manager


3 January 1928

15 December 1969

11 May 1987


Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-96-36 Wigan, Market Place

Closed and moved to 6 Market Place

Fabric Shop