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Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

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The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank has a branch coverage of Manchester that is broadly similar to that enjoyed by the Bank of Liverpool in Liverpool within its own  environs. So, when the two banks eventually come together to create Martins Bank Limited, they outnumber the opposition in these cities with more than one hundred offices in total.

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This is almost saturation coverage, and in Manchester, FOUR branches of the new Bank are situated on Stockport Road alone: Ardwick No 10,  Longsight No 238, Slade Lane No 748, and Levenshulme at No 876.  Our feature comes from 1967, when another Manager with well over forty years’ service is about to retire.  Mr Howarth, it seems has some eccentricities, but has over the years been also extremely useful to have around…

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In Service: Pre 1922 until 5 February 1982

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Image © Barclays Ref: 0030/0056

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What some managers do with their nuts…

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1967 03 MBM.jpg1956 to 1967 Mr W Howarth Manager MBM-Au67P50.jpgwith the retirement of one of Manchester District's most able and popular managers, the occasional peanut which Bill Howarth flicked into the air but failed to trap will no longer be retrieved later from the carpet by a puzzled cleaner at Ardwick branch. Among the large gathering at the office on May 31 were Mr N. E. Foster, Mr A. N. Barratt and many friends from both sides of the counter who had subscribed to a presentation cheque to be used for built-in wardrobes in Mr Howarth's home. His career covering 44 years is best described by himself thus: Joined the Lancashire & Yorkshire Bank at Stockport in 1923. Insisted on drawing his first month's salary of £4 in gold and was promptly transferred to the then rural sub branch of Bramhall where he rusticated happily for many years.  An inadvertent visit to Manchester District Office brought a transfer to Cheetham branch which was followed by one to Manchester District Office which had been evacuated to Macclesfield. Joined the Army in 1941 and by volunteering for the Indian Army skilfully avoided blackouts, rationing of beer and food, women in trousers and other horrors of war. Rehabilitated at Manchester Foreign branch where he repaired the electric sealing-wax boiler. The fire was easily extinguished. Then to Deansgate branch but it was soon found that he had a valid pass­port and a knowledge of Eastern customs so inevitably he was put in charge of Moss Side branch, where he quickly became familiar with the intricacies of the local sub-currencies, petrol and clothing coupons. In the next nine years the business thrived and in 1956 he became Manager at Ardwick, retiring after saying his farewells to the management at lunches at Head Office and Manchester District Office. In retirement he will continue his hobby, the pursuit of idleness.

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1946 to 1965 Miss M E Goddard MBM-Su68P23.jpg

1947 to 1955 Mr A C Fawcett Pro Manager MBM-Au63P60.jpg

1949 to 1950 Mr J Stanning joined the bank here MBM-Wi65P05.jpg

1958 to 1961 Mr F Highley Limited Authority MBM-Su66P05.jpg

1961 to 1962 Mr K Livesley Limited Authority MBM-Su66P03.jpg

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Miss M E Goddard

On the Staff

1946 to 1965

Mr A C Fawcett

Pro Manager

1947 to 1955

Mr J Stanning

Joined the Bank Here

1949 to 1950

Mr W Howarth


1956 to 1967

Mr F Highley

Limited Authority

1958 to 1961

Mr K Livesley

Limited Authority

1961 to 1962

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1962 to 1962 Mr R B Blomeley Limited authority MBM-Su65P06.jpg

1962 to 1967 Mr R G Thackeray Pro Manager MBM-Sp67P06.jpg

1967 Mr JB Cullen Manager MBM-Au67P07.jpg

1967 to 1968 Mr F Parker Limited Authority MBM-Au68P08.jpg

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Mr R B Blomeley

Limited Authority

1962 to 1962

Miss Christine Driver

on the Staff

1962 onwards

Mr R G Thackeray

Pro Manager

1962 to 1967

Mr J B Cullen


1967 onwards

Mr F Parker

Limited Authority

1967 to 1968


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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-27-00 Manchester Ardwick

Full Branch

10 Stockport Road Manchester 12

705 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 273 1151/1101

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J B Cullen Manager

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Manchester All Saints

Pre 1922

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

5 February 1982

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Ltd 20-54-44 Manchester Ardwick Stockport Road


Manchester Birchfields

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