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Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

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All Saints is an original Branch of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank.  Another fine example of a corner aspect, the Branch lasts through several mergers until finally being closed down by Barclays in 1972.  Under Martins, All Saints along with several others, is a sub branch to Manchester district Office.  This could be due to “special measures” of some kind being imposed,  anything from keeping an eye on a branch with too many cash differences and/or raids, to the special economic circumstances of the local area, ranging from poverty to a major local business requiring specialist banking services.  All Saints is under the control of District Office from 1 June 1951, the day after the departure of Manager Mr L H Farnell, who celebrates his retirement in our feature below, by entertaining past and present colleague to tea!  A series of Clerks in Charge are appointed at the Branch from that day until the merger with Barclays.

In Service: 1 March 1905 until 17 March 1972

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1951 03 MBM.jpg1919 to 1930 then 1932 to 1951  Mr L H Farnell Manager MBM-Au51P21.jpgMr. L. H. Farnell, Manager of All Saints branch, Manchester, retired on May 31st after 45 years' service, and to mark the occasion entertained past and present colleagues to tea. Mr. W. R. S. Smith made the presentation of a wristlet watch on behalf of subscribers, and Mr. Cowpe, Manchester Assistant District Manager, expressed the sincere good wishes of all present and the hope that Mr. Farnell would have a long and happy retirement.  Mr. Farnell replied in a brief speech of thanks and expressed his gratitude for the co-operation and the assistance which he had always received, both from his staff and from the departments at Spring Gardens. Mr. Farnell entered the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank at West Didsbury in 1906 and two years later was transferred to Manchester Office. On his return from service in the first World War he went to All Saints branch, where he spent the remainder of his career, except for the years 1930-32, when he was at Oldham. He was appointed Manager at All Saints in 1932, and in 1939 the managership was extended to include Birchfields branch.

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1919 to 1930 then 1932 to 1951  Mr L H Farnell Manager CU MBM-Au51P21.jpg

1946 to 1947 Mr H Prime MBM-Wi64P06.jpg

1940 to 1941 Mr F H Foster joined the bank here MBM-Su66P04

1959 to 1964 Mr K Halliwell Clerk in Charge MBM-Wi64P06.jpg

1967 Mr RB Blackledge Clerk in Charge MBM-Wi67P01.jpg

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Mr L H Farnell

Joined here 1919 to 1930 Manager 1932 to 1951

Mr H Prime

On the staff

1946 to 1947

Mr F H Foster

On the Staff

1946 to 1948

Mr K Halliwell

Clerk in Charge

1959 to 1964

Mr R E Saunders

Clerk in Charge

1964 to 1967

Mr R B Blackledge

Clerk in Charge

1967 onwards










94 Oxford Road


88 Oxford Road

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Index Number and District:






11-13-00 Manchester All Saints

Self accounting sub to 11-00-60 Manchester District Office

88 Oxford Road Manchester 13

703 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 832 3083

Nightsafe Installed

R H Blackledge Clerk in Charge

Manchester Trust Company

1 March 1905

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

17 March 1972

Opened by Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-54-89 Manchester 88 Oxford Rd


Manchester Ardwick

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