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Martins Bank moves into Coventry as soon as it can, by finding temporary premises that will establish the Bank in the City until a prime site can be made ready. On 18 May 1937 the Bank opens the doors of 12 Broadgate, in buildings also used by the National Provincial Bank. The Bank’s stay here is short, and after only ten months at Broadgate the former premises of Messrs Atkins and Turton’s Coffee House at 2 High Street are transformed and ready for business of a banking nature.

In Service: 18 May 1937 until 26 March 1938

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The local press takes a great interest in the arrival of Martins Bank in Coventry, and publishes this article outlining a potted history of Martins Bank from its days as The Bank of Liverpool, through the amalgamations that will lead to the creation of the modern day Martins Bank Limited…

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{A new branch of Martins Bank will open in Coventry on Tuesday next, May 18, in temporary premises at 12, Broadgate, under the management of Mr. N. Renison. Formerly manager of Clubmoor Branch, Liverpool.  The Bank was established in 1831 as the Bank of Liverpool, and one of the first noteworthy features of its development occurred in the year 1883, when it took over the old-established business of Messrs. Arthur Heywood Sons and Co., of Liverpool.

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{Between that year and 1914 the policy of expansion went steadily forward, and the Liverpool Commercial Banking Company, Messrs. Wakefield. Crewdson and Co., the Craven Bank. Ltd... Carlisle and Cumberland Banking Co. Ltd., and the North-Eastern Banking Co., Ltd., were absorbed by it. An important amalgamation took place in 1918, when Martins Bank. Ltd., which dated from 1563 and was one of the oldest in the country, were acquired by the Bank, which then assumed the title of the Bank of Liverpool and Martins, Ltd. More absorptions were to follow. It is interesting to find that, having become established in London and the South, Martins Bank has now linked up its connections by opening branches in the Midlands at Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Hanley, Derby, Wolverhampton, Worcester, and Bristol}.

COVENTRY HERALD 14/15 May 1937

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1937 to 1959 Mr N Renison Manager MBM-Su59P55.jpg

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Mr E Newhouse

Branch Second

1937 to 1946

Mr N Renison


1937 to 1959








Index Number and District:






11-208 Coventry

Temporary Full Branch

12 Broadgate Coventry Warwickshire

593 Midland

Mon to Fri 0930-1500

Saturday 0900-1200

Coventry 151

Counter Service

Mr Norman Renison Manager

Cottontree (Colne)

18 May 1937

26 March 1938

opened by Martins Bank Limited

Closed and moved to 2 High Street Coventry

Coventry 2 High Street


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