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image076Keynsham opens for business on 22 April 1965, adding another branch to the South Western portfolio of Martins Bank. Most of the Bank’s 1960s expansion takes place in the South West of England, and this includes the opening of larger premises for the South Western District Office, which outgrows itself in only a small number of years.  It is unusual for branches of Martins Bank that were opened in traditional Barclays “heartlands”  to have been chosen to remain open after the merger of the two banks in 1969.  It is even rarer for one of them to be still open for business today. Keynsham is fortunate enough to have been be in the right place to attract custom, both then AND now.

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Martins’ Branches at Keynsham and Poole open within a short time of each other, and the article below is taken from a feature in Martins Bank Magazine, that trumpets the arrival of both new Branches, comparing them to a game of “Happy Families”…

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1965 Keynsham Exterior MBM-Su65P12.jpg

Image © Barclays Ref:  33/302

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1965 02.jpgkeynsham, lying mid-way between Bristol and Bath on the A4 to London, has been rattled out of its somnolence by 20th century transport.  Its main street—a traffic bottleneck containing a mixture of old shops and inns, Woolworths, supermarkets and banks—is rarely quiet, though the church at the top of the hill on the road from Bristol preserves the peaceful dignity of an earlier age and reminds one that a Peter de Keynesham was Mayor of Bristol in 1244. Otherwise Keynsham strikes one as an oversized village and, though light industries have sprung up and there is, of course, Fry's factory at nearby Somervell, the area is mainly a rapidly expanding but attractive dormitory for the commuters of Bristol and Bath.

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Very soon a new road will by-pass Keynsham and shoppers will be able to shop in comparative peace; today they wait hopefully at pedestrian crossings for a gap in the traffic. Our new branch opened at 46 High Street on April 22nd and the newness was still wearing off when we called a week later. Only those who have had to cope can appreciate the nuisance value of minor premises problems involving such compara­tively simple things as a letter box, a light fitting or a bumpy floor.




But very little remains to be done at Keynsham branch to bring it to the standard expected of new or modernised branches. The lay­out is simple but effective and the staff are effective and anything but simple. We note Mr R. S. King's wide experience since joining the Bank at Cocks Biddulph in 1929, and we share his pleasure that in an age of younger managers he has achieved in his fifties management of a new branch.

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With him is Mr A. B. Middleton whose compara­tively short career in the Bristol area has covered relief work and a spell in District Office as general factotum - an experience which any young man would welcome. Three bright youngsters complete the staff - Mr P. A. Turtle who with Miss B. J. Hollingworth spent the previous six months at Bath branch, and Miss L. Williams who entered the service when the new branch opened.

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It seems that not much has changed in the fifty years between these two images of Keynsham Branch which celebrated its milestone birthday on 22/04/2015…

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1965 Mr RS King Manager MBM-Sp65P05

1965 Miss L Williams joined the bank here MBM-Su65P12.jpg

1965 Mr A B Middleton MBM-Su65P12.jpg

1965 Miss B J Hollingworth MBM-Su65P12.jpg

1965 Mr P A Turtle MBM-Su65P12.jpg

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Mr R S King


1965 onwards

Miss L Williams

Joined the Bank Here


Mr A B Middleton

Branch Second


Miss B J Hollingworth

On the Staff


Mr P A Turtle

On the staff



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Index Number and District:






11-11-50 Keynsham

Main Branch

46 High Street Keynsham Bristol BS18 1DX

195 South Western

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Keynsham 3941

Nightsafe Installed

Mr R S King Manager

22 April 1965

15 December 1969

opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-46-00 Keynsham