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Bank of Liverpool

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The long and winding road…

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The Furness Peninsula is staggeringly beautiful, and incredibly varied – from the dangerous quicksands of Morecambe Bay, to the delightful Duddon Valley and the bleak western coastline, the area is both intriguing and challenging.  The biggest challenge for those of us who have been posted on relief to the many branches and sub branches in the area, is the long and winding road to Millom, the furthest outpost that Martins Bank operates in the county of  Cumberland. 

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1960 Millom Exterior BGA Ref 30-1913

Image © Barclays Ref: 0030/1913

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Just when you feel that you must surely be getting there, you realise you are only half way.  A rainy day can double the journey time, and not even a fairground roller-coaster would be so unforgiving in its twists, turns, and sheer drops.  Martins Bank’s branch at Millom has two sub branches serving the village of Bootle.  This unusual state of affairs is caused by Bootle’s railway station being a significant distance from the village, making a branch in both locations a useful addition to Martins’ helpful service in the area. Very imposing but somewhat difficult to photograph, Martins Bank’s Branch at The Square, Millom has been parent to a number of sub-Branches over the years, including two Agencies which operated at the turn of the twentieth Century…

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Queen's Gold Medal…

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1969 01 MBM.jpgGuard at Millom branch, Mr J. L. Moyle, has been awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for long service and good conduct in Millom's fire service. Mr Moyle, who joined the voluntary fire brigade in 1947, received his award from the chairman of Cumberland County Council Fire Brigade Com­mittee at a presentation in December.

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43 Years of Service…

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1968 03 MBM.jpg1960 to 1968 Mr A N Darvell Manager MBM-Au68P56.jpgentering the Bank during the General Strike and retiring amid the upheaval of the railwaymen's 'go slow' Norman Darvell completed 43 years' service at the end of June. Mr W. O. Davies journeyed to the Miners Arms, Silecroft, to present, in cheque form, an electric lawn mower which had been subscribed by many friends and colleagues, some twenty of whom were present at the pleasantly informal function. Many others unfortunately were prevented from attending due to balance work. Mr Davies thanked Mr Darvell for his loyal service over so many years and wished both him and his wife better health in their well-earned retirement, not forgetting some happy hours of lawn mowing. Mr Darvell began his career at the top - Alston branch, 1,000 feet above sea level - and subsequently served at branches in the Northern District, under­taking the sad duty of closing our Workington branch in 1930. Having started at the top it was appropriate that he should work his way down to sea level and complete his career at Millom, where he was appointed Manager in 1960, and where in close proximity to the beautiful Duddon Valley he is to spend his retirement.

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1915 to 1928 Mr G M Park MBM-Au55P48.jpg

1935 to 1939 Mr J W Bargh Manager MBM-Su58P57.jpg

1939 to 1945 Mr J H Jarvis Pro Manager  MBM-Wi55P48.jpg

1939 to 1948 Mr T E Askew Manager MBM-Su48P44.jpg

1948 to 1960 Mr E O Driver Manager MBM-Au60P48.jpg

1949 Mr JG Scurr Joined the Bank here MBM-Sp66P04

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Mr G Park

On the Staff

1915 to 1928

Mr J W Bargh


1935 to 1939

Mr J H Jarvis

Pro Manager

1939 to 1945

Mr T E Askew


1939 to 1948

Mr E O Driver


1948 to 1960

Mr J G Scurr

Joined the Bank Here


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1952 Mr D J Crellin MBM-Au64P04

1952 Mr D J Crellin MBM-Au64P04

1952 Mr W Long  MBM-Wi67P03

1960 Mr Forbes A Hoyle FRGS Staff MBM-Au60P13.jpg

1960 to 1968 Mr A N Darvell Manager MBM-Au68P56.jpg

1968 Mr JP Coman Manager MBM-Au68P06.jpg

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Mr Norman Crellin

Joined the Bank Here

1951 to 1953

Mr D J Crellin

On the Staff


Mr W Long

On the Staff


Mr Forbes A Hoyle FRGS

On the Staff


Mr A N Darvell


1960 to 1968

Mr J P Coman


1968 onwards




Index Number and District:






11-05-60 Millom

Full Branch

The Square Millom  Cumberland

217 Northern

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Millom 202

Nightsafe Installed

Mr J P Coman Manager

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18 December 1918

3 January 1928

15 December 1969


opened by the Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Lmited 20-57-41 Millom

Closed and moved to St George’s Road