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The expansion of Martins Bank into Gloucester begins in 1956 with the opening of their first branch in the town at 9a Southgate Street.  With much competition in Gloucester, Martins opens a total of three branches there by 1968.

In Service: 1965 until 31 July 1992

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Gloucester Cattle Market opens in 1961, and then in 1965, a sub-Branch opens on the Gloucester Trading Estate at Hucclecote.   After an internal report strongly critisises the Bank’s Southgate Street premises both as “dull” and “inadequate from which to trade as a bank”, new premises are built over the road at 8/10 SOUTHGATE STREET in 1968.

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The new Branch has a specially commissioned piece of artwork by the ceramic artist, Philippa Threlfall.  No such lavish expenditure at Gloucester’s Trading Estate, but interestingly Hucclecote sub-Branch does look much better inside than out suggesting that Martins’ newer buildings were actually designed with a good “customer experience” in mind – something that will be increasingly important in the future battle between the High Street banks to attract new business in the 1970s and 80s…

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Despite these somewhat cramped surroundings, every effort is made to present the Bank and its services in a bright and friendly setting.  The leaflet stand is packed with product information, and whilst there is no room in the banking hall for customers to prepare their banking slips, there is enough space at the counter for this. Even on an industrial estate, customers are greeted by the daily display of flowers on the counter that is a hallmark of Martins Bank’s service.

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Mr D J Stewart

Clerk in Charge















Hucclecote Trading Estate


Hucclecote Trading Estate






Index No and District:






11-02-40 Gloucester Hucclecote

Sub to 11-02-40 Gloucester

Gloucester Trading Estate Hucclecote Gloucester

175 South Western

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

No Saturday Service

Gloucester 67834

Nightsafe Installed

Mr D J Stewart pro Manager


Gloucester Cattle Market


15 December 1969

31 July 1992

Opened by Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-33-84 Gloucester 8/10 Southgate Street


Hale (Cheshire)

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