Martins Bank’s Branches in the Channel Islands are as much a gift for Barclays as those on the Isle of Man, AND of course Martins’ Trustee and Investment offices and their services, which includes the hugely desirable Martins Unicorn Unit Trusts.

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It is a combination of top performing investments products and dedicated offshore bases that attracts investors by the score, and that will prove to be a valuable nest egg for the combined bank for DECADES following the 1969 merger. 

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On Jersey, the main Branch at 30 Halkett Place opens in 1951, followed in 1960 by St Brelade, and by Gorey in 1964.  The Guernsey office opens at St Peter Port in 1955. Each branch in the Channel Islands comes under the supervision of London District Office.  You can visit these Branches by clicking on the leaflets shown here (right).


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The Summer of 1963 sees the 400TH Anniversary of Martins Bank, and with celebrations in full swing, the Bank’s Branch at Halkett Place St Helier is given a complete makeover.  Many branches around the country are also refurbished, or knocked down and rebuilt at this time, but perhaps none is on the same scale as the transformation that takes place at St Helier. The new counter alone is thirty-six feet long, and creates a record for itself by being the largest single piece of furniture ever to have been taken to the Island by aeroplane.  Martins Bank left behind a large number of photographs of the newly refurbished Branch at St Helier, and these can be seen on our St Helier page.

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