In January 1968, Martins’ newly retitled Economic Information Department updates its publication “Starting a Business in Britain”.  As part of the new information contained within its pages, there is a pull out leaftlet “Money in Britain” which is designed to help those from abroad cope not only with the tricky issues of Pounds Shillings and Pence, but also those of the British weights and measures system, not to mention the value of the Pound Sterling against a whole raft of World currencies…  The leaflet is actually a sneaky way of promoting the Bank’s three overseas branches, in London Liverpool and Manchester. You wouldn’t believe so much information could be crammed into six small pages, but this kind of detail is what we have come to expect from the Bank that always goes to EXTREMES to be helpful!  Don’t forget that we have two further features relating to British Currency, which you can visit by clicking on these leaflets (right).


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And there you have it – everything you need to know about Money in Britain, all in one small leaflet that goes to extremes to be helpful!

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