Martins Bank Society of the Arts is the principal amateur and operatic society of the Bank. Under its auspices, there are a number of regional groups that stage productions and performances in Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Manchester.  Between 1946 and 1956 the Society runs as three separate sections – Music, Arts and Drama.  From 1957 onwards, the Society performs as Martins Bank Operatic Society, and plays and comedies are performed by the Bank’s remaining groups, the Argosy Players, The Cicala players, The Manchester Players and The North Eastern Players. It will be complicated to add all of the original Society of the Arts productions to this page, and it will certainly take some time! We are working hard to add as many as we can, and those currently available are shown below, and they are divided into the separate music and drama productions of the Society.  Please do be patient if your favourite production is not yet available…










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