Martins Bank Archive exists to record and preserve not only physical items that were used by the Bank and its staff, but also to collect together in one place aspects of the social history of Martins before they are forgotten for good. This means that many of our records are kept on computer. The purpose of this particular page of our Online Archive is to let you know exactly what kinds of data we keep on computer, and how we use this information to help us tell the story of Martins Bank and the people who worked there. We use three main sources of data:


1.    Data published by the Bank in its Staff Publications.

2.    Data offered to us by former staff and/or their relatives.

3.    Data obtained through public sources of reference including online.


Changes in the law which came into force on 25 May 2018 mean that anyone who collects personal data has new and tougher rules to adhere to, so that those whose data is held know it is being held for a good reason, and that it is being used correctly – both in accordance with the law and with the wishes of the subjects of the data. Here is a brief summary of our use of data, followed by a more detailed explanation of what we do with it:


·         We do not have a mailing list.

·         We only contact those who have contacted the Archive in order that we may answer questions or assist with research.

·         We do not sell or encourage others to buy or sell goods or information.

·         The email addresses of those who have contacted us are stored offline, and are never shared without the permission of the email account holder.

·         Information provided to us by visitors to the Archive is used only in line with the wishes of those visitors. We do not advertise, nor do we trade or make any money from our operations or the information we hold.


… and what we do with it



Additional Data held for some members of staff

Staff records as published by Martins Bank Limited:

·         Surname, Initials and title (including Honours)

·         Year of Entry to the Bank and at which Branch or Office

·         Year of transfer between Branches or offices

·         Year of Promotion, along with new job title and Branch

·         Years of service in WW1, WW2 or both

·         Year of Examination success

·         Year of Marriage (incl Maiden name for female staff)

·         Year of Resignation

·         Year of Retirement

·         Year of Death

·         Details of civic, local or national awards or honours

·         Articles published about members of staff in Martins Bank Magazine.

Information provided by former staff and relatives which may include:

·         Preferred First name or nickname, but not all First names.

·         Annual Gross Salary details for some years from payslips

·         A small number of deaths are recorded. Some include the person’s age and their exact date of death.

·         Photographs of staff members taken for and used in Bank publications between 1946 and 1969

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·         We are obliged to make the contents of our Archive available on request to Barclays Group Archives.

·         We share with the Imperial War Museum “Lives of the First World War” Project, details of staff who served the UK in the First World War.

Use of COOKIES policy


·         Martins Bank Archive does NOT use cookies at all on its web site. We do not gather any information about the people who use our site. We do not share information about our visitors with anyone else. Our site is linked to many others for example online museums, local and national newspapers. They will have their own policy regarding use of cookies*

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·         Dates of birth

·         Full first names beyond first initial

·         Home Addresses either historical or current

·         Data which expresses an opinion about a person’s character or standard of work.


*Martins Bank Archive and its Affiliates


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Martins Bank Archive is now an Affiliate of the British Newspaper Archive.  We have been a member of the Archive for the last six years, during which time the BNA has been able to provide us with hundreds of cuttings of advertisements, announcements, and news stories made by or about Martins Bank - some of which date to the late 1800s.  Being an Affiliate of this organisation will now allow us a small amount of income in order to help us to maintain our 1200 page web site, and pay for its running costs only.  This income will be derived solely from visitors to our web site clicking on links to the BNA, who will then pay us a small commision if any of its services are purchased. 

There is no obligation to buy, no advertising, and no personal data is known or held by us.  We are still a NON-PROFIT Archive, and our relationship with the British Newspaper Archive relates only to the services they provide. We do not buy or sell information, we do not sell or make money from any of the items exhibited on our site, which remain at all times the property of the respective copyright holder(s). The British Newspaper Archive receives no more prominence within our pages than any of the other individuals, archives, charities, news organisations etc., who have been named and credited for their contribution to our Archive.

When you click on any of the links to the British Newspaper Archive on our site, and viewing their services, cookies will be used by an intermediate service Provider - - These cookies do NOT reveal your identity, web use or other behaviour.

Martins Bank Archive is also affiliated with The Grasshopper Pensioners’ Club, owned and run by former employees of Martins Bank, and supported by grant in aid by Barclays plc.  Martins Bank Archive benefits from a supporting grant from the Grasshopper Club in order to help us to maintain our 1200 page web site, and pay for its running costs only.  The club is a private concern without an internet prescence, and does not therefore collect any information about people who visit our site.


Martins Bank Archive – Staff Database

The majority of Staff recorded in our database are no longer alive.  The following example shows a typical record in the database which shows someone’s career details from when they joined until published records ceased at the end of 1969:

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If you have contacted us by email and contributed information and/or physical items to the Archive, and you have any concerns about how your data is used by us, please do get in touch with us at

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