Sports coverage forms a huge part of Martins Bank Magazine’s copy, and by the time of the 1969 merger with Barclays, stories about or related to sporting activity occupy around one quarter of the Magazine’s printed pagesMany sports are played both inter-district and inter-bank, with Martins winning a number of trophies. Hockey is a popular sport with Martins staff, and in this match between London and Manchester Districts in 1967 there is plenty of action…

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Inter-District Hockey

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London District 4 

Manchester District

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Wind Rain and Whistle.jpgdriving wind and rain at Catford Bridge on February 27 did enough to mar this first meeting of two evenly matched sides whose full abilities may have been obscured by the appalling conditions but whose short­comings were revealed by a plenitude of whistle from umpires W. D. Chambers and G. K. Eaves.  Mr Chambers, a former Surrey and Ireland player, and Mr Eaves, who umpired at the 1964 Olympics, have nothing to learn about the rules or the finer points of hockey—hence the frequency of the whistle which, let it be said, seemed to be fully justified on a short and bumpy pitch which showed up the capabilities and deficiencies of the regular and not-so-regular players. Despite last-minute changes through weekend injuries and the incorporation of Manchester's travelling reserve, Preston, in the forward line, London's more recent team experience showed at the outset. For twenty minutes play was rarely out of the Manchester half, with Richards, Webb and the two Pearces predominating.  The visitors fought doggedly and on their rare excursion upfield showed possibilities, particularly in Bent and Doughty, though Belsey and Liley exercised authority in defence.  Against the run of the play Manchester scored first through Bent, and by the interval they had managed to maintain their lead, the promise to increase it being evident whenever Bradley or Doughty gained possession.

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London in defence…


…and in attack


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After five minutes of the second half a free hit by R. Pearce was deflected to even the score. Doughty and Bent then produced a sparkling move down the left wing, foiled by Liley, and another effort involving McMutrie and Bradley resulted in a corner and a smart interception by Richards.  Immediately after this Webb gave Lon­don the lead, to the discomfiture of Hopley, and within a minute had done it again with a shot almost on the by-line through a six-inch gap, the ball hitting the far post and cannoning into the net. Clearly London had decided to abandon finesse in the conditions and to get rid of, rather than run with, the ball thereby uncovering flaws in Man­chester's defence which, when Webb com­pleted his hat-trick, were made to appear more glaring than was generally the case. There was little to choose between these two keen sides, an impartial observer offering the opinion that a 2-goal margin would have been a fairer result. Mr George Milne had entertained the teams at lunch and Mr Harry Taylor, who joined them for a meal afterwards, expressed his under­standable pleasure at London's victorv— something of a rarity in recent months but achieved bravely despite 'sticks', 'feet', 'offside' and, of course, whistle.x

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The Teams



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K P Marsh

K Liley

E Belsey

K Lee

C J Pearce

R Pearce

D W Empson

J Preston

W Webb

 J Tester

P Richards

W Hopley

A Aked

H Prime

R Smith

R Blomeley

M Bent

J Whitehead

A Bradley

W McMutrie

H Williams

 I Doughty

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1967 Inter-District Hockey (3) MBM-Su67P11

Standing (left to right): R Pearce E Belsey J S Anderson D W Empson A W Webb J Tester J Preston  C J Pearce C Milne K P Marsh W D Chambers K Lee G K Eaves W McMutrie M Bent H Prime A Aked  R Blomeley A Bradlev I Doughty J Whitehead W Hopley

Front row: P Richards K Liley R Smith H Williams

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