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Going to extremes…

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Birkenhead Borough Road is opened in May 1924 by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Ltd. It survives the merger with Barclays, having a total lifespan of 59 years before being closed in October 1983.

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Many of the pages in the Branch Network section of this site, tell the story of one or other of Martins Bank’s Managers celebrating the end of a long career with the Bank.  Sometimes, it seems that a life dedicated to going to extremes to be helpful, comes at a price, and a number of Managers’ careers are cut short by ill-health. 

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There have been examples of such Managers being gifted leaving presents of ashtrays and cigarette lighters, which shows us that only fifty years ago there was still a general ignorance surrounding the dangers to health of smoking.  At Birkenhead Borough Road in 1966, Mr MacCormack is unfortunately the latest in a long line of Managers to retire due to ill health.  Although his career is “cut short” he has still put in an incredible forty-four years, twenty of them as Manager at Borough Road. Following his retirement, the branch becomes a self accounting sub branch to Birkenhead Prenton, with a Clerk in Charge installed in place of manager.

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1966 04 MBM.jpg1966 Mr W H MacCormack Manager (Retiring) MBM-Wi66P56.jpgat the end of September when Mr MacCormack retired on health grounds from the management of Borough Road branch he was unfortunately in hospital under going a nasal operation and no formal presentation was possible. His many friends among staff and customers were, however, pleased to join him and his wife at the Prenton Hotel in mid-November to wish him well for, in his twenty years as Manager at Borough Road, his kindness and consideration for his customers had become almost legendary. His career began at Water Street in 1924 and was spent on Merseyside, with the exception of the war years when he was Acting Manager at Stourport branch.

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1945 to 1946 Miss M C Grice Clerk in Charge MBM-Wi46P10.jpg

1966 Mr W H MacCormack Manager (Retiring) MBM-Wi66P56.jpg

1964 to 1967 Mr CR Mills MBM-Sp67P03.jpg

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Miss M C Grice

Wartime Clerk in Charge

1945 to Sep 1946

Mr W H MacCormack


Sep 1946 to 1966

Mr C R Mills

Staff Member

1964 to 1967

Mr H W Smith

Clerk in Charge

1966 onwards



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Index Number and District:






Martins Bank Limited 11-97-00 Birkenhead Borough Road

Self accounting sub to 11-90-60 Birkenhead Prenton

700 Borough Road Birkenhead Cheshire

56 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

MOUntwd 3819

Nightsafe Installed

Mr H W Smith pro Manager

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12 May 1924

3 January 1928

15 December 1969

20 October 1983


Opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Barclays Bank Limited 20-07-38 Birkenhead Borough Road


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