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North Eastern Banking Company

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Some of Martins Bank’s sub-Branches are very old indeed.  Some, in the Lake District date back to the 1890s.  The North East of England too, can boast some of the longest serving offices of the Bank, as well as the largest number of Branches in any of Martins Bank’s Districts. Langley Park is a sub-Branch to Durham, and came to Martins along with its parent Branch through the 1914 amalgamation of the North Eastern Bank and the Bank of Liverpool.  The joining together of these two banks creates a Northern super-bank, which will have the power to become a nationwide entity, but keep its head office outside London, and this is achieved in 1928 after the absorption of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, creating the Martins Bank we know today.  Langley Park is one of several sub-Branches that closes down for the duration of World War 2. As the demands of the Kennett Committee strip manpower away from all kinds of business enterprise, the Banks face a shortage of staff that is filled largely by the promotion of female staff to positions of responsibility.  However, in some cases there is still not enough staff to go around, and in response, many smaller offices are mothballed for the duration of the war. This appealing little sub-Branch does not fare much better when Barclays and Martins merge in 1969. Langley Park’s days are numbered, and time is called less than two years after the amalgamation of Branches…

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In Service: Pre 1914 until 1939 AND 1946 until 27 August 1971

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Image © Barclays Ref 0030-1547

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1913 to 1915 Mr J A Kirk Clerk in Charge MBM-Au50P08.jpg

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Mr J A Kirk

Clerk in charge

1913 to 1915






Index Number and District:






11-45-30 Langley Park

Sub to 11-45-30 Durham

47 Front Street Langley Park County Durham

322 North Eastern

Tue and Fri 1000-1200

No Saturday Service

Langley Park 305

Counter Service Only

Mr J Milner Manager (Durham)

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Durham University

Pre 1914

7 August 1914

18 December 1918

3 January 1928



15 December 1969

27 August 1971

North Eastern Banking Company

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins Limited

Martins Bank Limited

Closed for World War 2


Barclays Bank Limited 20-27-41 Durham


Eanam (Blackburn)

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