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Halifax Commercial Bank

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Image Barclays 1927

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Although the particular amalgamation of Banks that produces the modern day Martins in 1928 provides a comprehensive coverage of branches throughout the North of England, some duplication does inevitably occur. Mostly, a few towns and villages end up with an extra branch, and the decision is taken to close one or other of them, based on factors such as size, location and profitability. There are however a few extreme cases and at New Year 1928, no less than three Cattle Market Agencies are duplicated overnight, and in the small Yorkshire town of Stainland, there are suddenly THREE branches of Martins Bank! Holroyd Square is opened sometime before 1920 by the Halifax Commercial Bank. It is run as a sub-Branch to Halifax 2 Silver Street. When Martins Bank Limited is created in 1928 by the merger of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins, a second Stainland Branch South Parade is inherited from the Bank of Liverpool and Martins, and a third at Manor House comes from the Branch portfolio of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. Martins Bank decides to close down Holroyd Square and Manor House, in favour of South Parade, a branch that continues to serve Barclays customers until 1979

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11-362 Stainland Holroyd Square

Sub Branch to Halifax 2 Silver Street

Holroyd Square Stainland Yorkshire

731 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0930-1130

Number not yet found

Counter Service only

Mr J B Murgatroyd Manager

Pre 1920

16 January 1920

3 January 1928

By end of 1928

Opened by Halifax Commercial Bank

The Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited


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