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Equitable Bank

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The creation of Martins Bank Limited in 1928 does not only involve the branches of the Bank of Liverpool and Martins and the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank. Just months before the amalgamation, the Bank of Liverpool and martins has also taken on the Branches of the Halifax Equitable Bank.

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There are a few cases of THREE branches in the same town or village, and several cases of duplication of Branches, Milnsbridge being one of those. The Equitable Bank Branch at 21 Yates Lane is closed in favour of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank Branch in Market Street. It is likely that the surviving branch will have been either bigger, or better placed to attract new customers.

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Index Number and District:






11-362 Milnsbridge

Sub to Huddersfield

21 Yates Lane Milnsbridge Huddersfield Yorkshire

748 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0930-1130 

Milnsbridge 343

Counter Service only

Mr N Lister MAnager

Pre 1927

3 January 1928

By end of 1928

Opened by the Equitable Bank

Martins Bank Limited