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The Bank of Liverpool and Martins opens a sub branch at Harlesden NW10 in 1924. Harlesden is a sub-Branch to Kingsway, Africa House managed overall by Mr H Dickman, but also with a Clerk in Charge in place at Harlesden. We have been able to find a photograph of someone who was Clerk in Charge between 1927 and 1929, an this can be seen in our Staff Gallery below. That Harlesden has a telephone line as early as the 1920s and could have been for two reaons: Firstly and most simply, the distance between Harlesden and Kingsway may necessitate a phone not only to receive instructions from the main Branch, but also to use for emergencies.

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Extract from the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Annual Report and Accounts 1924 Barclays

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Extract from Martins Bank Annual Report and Accounts 1929 Barclays

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Image BT 1929

Secondly, a telephone is a symbol of social status, which may draw potential customers and wealthy investors! The branch does not last long, being closed at the end of March 1933, probably victim to the first round of branch consolidations made by Martins following the rebuilding of 68 Lombard Street and the erection of a new Head Office Building in Liverpool.

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1927 to 1927 Mr P B Pace Clerk in Charge MBM-Su61P50.jpg

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Mr P B Pace

Clerk in Charge













11-328 London Harlesden NW10

Sub Branch Possibly to London District Office

33 Station Road Harlesden London NW10


Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1200

WILlsden 3478

Counter Only

Not Known

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1 October 1924

3 January 1928


Opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited