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The Carlisle and Cumberland Bank provides Martins Bank with two branches in Carlisle – English Street and Botchergate - when it amalgamates in 1911 with the Bank of Liverpool. The Bank of Liverpool and martins embarks on a prolific period of Branch building and opening up to the point of its amalgamation with the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, which creates Martins Bank in 1928.  A further two sub-Branches to Carlisle are opened at Dalston (1926) and Stanwix (1928), creating a modest local network of branches. There will also be a short-lived sub-Branch in the Lanes Shopping Area in the late 1950s. By 1969 however, only the two full branches remain, and Carlisle’s own little “empire” has gone.  

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Extracts from the Annual Report of the Bank of Liverpool and Martins Ltd 1926 © Barclays

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Dalston is the first to close, in 1940, as a result of staff being called up to fight in the Second World War.  It is common practice to close down or mothball the smaller branches for the duration of hostilities, although wherever possible Martins Bank’s Branches are managed and run by an army of women clerks.  After the war Martins takes the decision to keep a number of branches permanently closed, and Dalston is one of them.

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Index Number and District:






11-175 Dalston

Sub to 11-175 Carlisle

Dalston Carlisle Cumberland

207 Northern

Mon and Fri 1100-1430

No Saturday Service 

Counter Service Only

No Telephone

Mr J H Whipp Manager Carlisle 1926

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22 March 1926

3 January 1928


Opened by the Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Martins Bank Limited

Closed for World War 2 but not re-opened