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1936 COA.jpgSpeculation is rife (at least it is in Derby’s own “Daily Telegraph”), over the future of Messrs Austin and Co., Grocers.  A new Branch of Martins Bank is to be built on the site, and no expense will be spared. A five floor building with every possible modern banking convenience will transform Martins’ presence in Derby.  In a further feature in the same issue, the Derby Telegraph heralds the arrival of the Bank as good for business, and wonders what the new branch will look like. A temporary Branch, at No 3 Market Place opens in December 1936, and builds up the Bank’s business in Derby for the next eight months. In August 1937 the new branch is ready for occupation, and 5 Market Place opens for business.  In later years Derby will be home to the Midland District Machine School, set up and run by our good friend Iris Brooks.  The Southward expansion of Martins Bank is crucial to its dreams of becoming a truly national Bank. The Midlands is first on the list, and from the mid 1930s a number of Branches in key Midlans towns and cities are opened. In the War years the expansion continues with the focus on London and the South. By the 1950s more Branches will also have been added in the North and South of Wales.

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Derby Daily Telegraph 13 November 1936

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Mr C Tindall












Index No and District:






11-230 Derby 3 Market Place

Temporary Full Branch

3 Market Place Derby Derbyshire

589 Midland

Mon to Fri 0900-1500

Saturday 0900-1200

Derby 41414

Counter Only

Mr C Tindall



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14 December 1936

14 August 1937

opened by Martins Bank Limited

Moved to 5 Market place