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Bootle Strand Road is one of two branches that become part of the new Martins Bank in 1928 following the amalgamation of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank with the Bank of Liverpool and Martins.   The other branch is at 99 Stanley Road. Our records – which date from 1922 - show that the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank Manager for both branches is Mr A Watson.  In 1937 Mr F H Creer is appointed to the position, looking after strand Road until it is destroyed by enemy action 1941.

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Image © Barclays 1928

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1938 Phone Book entry BT Image © BT 1938

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Sadly, that’s where the story ends for Strand Road, as Martins Bank is not prepared to rebuild, choosing instead to cut its losses, as mentioned in this extract from the Bank’s Minute Book:

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Acc 80/588 : 21.08.1945 Strand Road, Liverpool. “We would not wish the buildings to be re-erected as they were before the war.  It was proposed to take a value payment”

In addition to the four Bootle branches shown in above, a further Branch at 508 Stanley Road Bootle, known as Linacre Branch, was opened by the Bank of Liverpool in 1898.

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1931 to 1934 Mr J Randle Pro Manager MBM-Sp56P53.jpg

1937 to 1941  Mr F H Creer Manager 99 Stanley and Strand Road Branches MBM-Su47P28.jpg

1940 to 1941 Mr G Shepherd MBM-Su62P30.jpg

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Mr J Randle

Pro Manager

1931 to 1934

Mr F H Creer


1937 to 1941

Mr G Shepherd

On the Staff

1940 to 1941




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Index Number and District:






11-118 Bootle Strand Road

Self Accounting Sub to 11-117 Bootle 99 Stanley Road

290 Strand Road Bootle Lancashire

72 Liverpool

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

Bootle 514

No Nightsafe

Mr R F Creer Manager 1937-1941

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By 1922

3 January 1928


21 August 1945

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank

Martins Bank Limited

Destroyed by Enemy Action

Decision taken not to re-open this Branch

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