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1967 COA.jpgMartins Bank’s Branch at Cheadle Hulme is special in two ways.  It is amongst the first of a very small number of the Bank’s outlets to be fitted with full length bandit screens from the start. Despite an otherwise excellent design by Premises Department the overall result is disappointing for this one feature alone. Compensating measures include a rich wood panelling for the counter fronts, but that usual sense of an open and friendly space is lost to the dominance of the ceiling high screens. 

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Cheadle Hulme’s other claim to being special is that it joins the select group of branches that are new and purpose built, but surplus to Barclays’ needs and therefore closed after a very short life indeed.  In this case just under two years, closing just before the merger of Branches at the end of 1969.  Thankfully the images here provide a record that Martins Bank Cheadle Hulme is not a figment of the imagination!  The use of a brick feature in the frontage of Cheadle Hulme is probably added to provide an image of security to what used to be an ordinary glass shop front.

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Image © Barclays Ref: 0030/0605

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Cheadle Hulme, seen here from the inside, is one of two sub-Branches to Bramhall. Despite some of Martins trademark features – including the ubiquitous 1960s floor covering - lino  -  the counter screens take away much of the personal contact and change forever the way in which branch banking is done.  The world is changing, and with the 1970s approaching criminals are becoming ever more determined and resourceful.  Therefore the possibility of armed robbery must be taken seriously…

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Index Number and District:






11-06-20 Cheadle Hulme 

Sub to 11-06-20 Bramhall

18 Station Road Cheadle Hulme Cheshire

714 Manchester

Mon to Fri 1000-1500

Saturday 0900-1130

061 485 5699

Night Safe

Mr E S Doughty Manager (Bramhall)

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opened by Martins Bank Limited


Indian Restaurant and Takeaway