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Craven Bank

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Salterforth is one of twenty-six sub branches of the Craven Bank to be merged with the Bank of Liverpool in 1906. Based at the Old Church School in the village, the branch continues to operate under the Bank of Liverpool, subsequently the Bank of Liverpool and Martins until a new office is opened in Main Street in 1924.

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Barnoldswick 1

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Extract from Bank of Liverpool and Martins Annual Report for 1919 Barclays

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Salterforth is a sub-Branch to Barnoldswick and opens for just one hour a week on a Friday morning possibly to coincide with a local market.

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Index Number and District:






11-057 Salterforth

Sub to 11-057 Barnoldswick

Old Church School Salterforth Barnoldswick Lancashire

101 Craven

Friday 1030 to 1130

No Saturday Service

No Telephone

Counter Only

Barnoldswick Manager

Pre 1906

23 March 1906

18 December 1918

26 December 1924

Opened by the Craven Bank

Bank of Liverpool

Bank of Liverpool and Martins

Closed and Moved to Main Street, Salterforth